the wait is almost over!

Hey Twilighters, Paige here.

So this was my agenda today- wake up, watch SM on GMA, but alas I MISSED IT because i had to go to stupid conditioning… UGH. Luckily my brother taped it for me. (how sweet!) Then- i got dragged off to a sports tournament which i had to play in, and only now at 6:00 pm am i home. It has been a VERY long day…  So I am now going to post our last poll! UNTIL BREAKING DAWN! (I AM FREAKING OUT HERE!) So as you have seen our website has gone above and beyond with the event and we really hope that you will try to send us pictures of your Breaking Dawn Release night! Ok- so, before i go to bed tonight my goal is to make my Breaking Dawn t-shirt that is SO COOL! lol. (I am using iron ons and a blank white T.) Then I was go blindly through another day of conditioning AND then, around 1:30 tom. afternoon i will then have the poll results up! And i will also have responses to the Team Edward question of the week! So, i am extending the poll deadline until 1:00 pm tom. afternoon and so then as you are hypervenilating while watching the clock tick down the the final second you can see what your fellow Twilighters think is going to happen in Breaking Dawn! I am aching to the bone right now so I am going to quickly post the last poll- and then go pass out on my family room couch…

-Paige 🙂

(if you havent voted on our past polls- look back to the last poll post and copy and paste the link into your search bar…)


I made a list & I checked it twice …

And it turns out you’ve all been very nice. So to reward you, I made a brand-spanking-new Breaking Dawn-themed wallpapers just for you! In fact, it’s so new … Ms. Truitt hasn’t even seen it yet! Now, normally, I let her dole out the treats. But today, I just couldn’t resist. After all, the excitement is building! (I could barely concentrate at work today, it was ridiculous). Enjoy!

love, Sara

(Click to view full-size)

MTV is Gearing Up!

There is a new MTV blog post from Kim Stolz about her interview with Stephenie Meyer. While the interview is not posted yet, Kim’s thoughts are really nice to read….and might make Team Edward fans a little nervous. Click here to read the post!

Team Jacob vs Team Edward Debate!

I have noticed something interesting happening over on our Team Edward vs Team Jacob page. We have a lively debate going on. And we love it! How else can you help? By sending us your Team Edward or Team Jacob artwork, poetry, speeches, videos so we can post them on Team Edward day (Wednesdays) and Team Jacob day (Fridays). Where can you send them? Also, comments will NOT be approved or even looked at till August 4th.

Breaking Dawn Gifts!

Today’s Breaking Dawn gift / wallpaper celebrates Carlisle Cullen and all his glorious fatherly goodness. Thanks to Sara for the creation!

Breaking Dawn Breaks into the Morning News

*Mature themes in Breaking Dawn?! This is going to be wild. Check out USA Today’s interview with Meyer by clicking here!

*Need to pass the time on Friday? Chat is up with some of the coolest Twilight bloggers around! Read here how you can do it!

*On our soundtrack page it said we would take Eclipse song suggestions until August 1st. As a result of shutting down comments, we will expand that deadline.

Breaking Dawn Week Continues….

Can you feel the tension in the air after last night’s quote???? I can’t wait and neither can the staff here at Novel Novice Twilight! Today we don’t present a trailer but a little stress relief. Did you ever wonder would it would be like to see Edward dance….a modern dance…..the soldier boy (I know I am saying that wrong). Thanks to our staff member Paige, you can! Keep checking all day for graphics and other Breaking Dawn goodies!