La Push — the Movie Version!

Hello NNTers!

First off — thanks for making us #10 on Topsites! Be sure to keep voting!!

Also, yesterday, my friend Teresa & I drove to the Oregon coast for the day. Living in Portland, it’s only about 1.5 hours to Cannon Beach & Seaside. While we were there, we decided to drive down to Indian Beach in Ecola State Park. This is where they filmed the La Push scenes for the Twilight movie. That is also why we decided to check it out — because Teresa is also a huge Twilight fan. Anyway, once we got there — it absolutely took our breath away. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. So gorgeous in fact, that I went in front of the camera (gasp!) and made a short video to share it with you. So here you are, enjoy — and check out a few of my still photos as well, just below:

Click thumbnails to view full-size:


If you haven’t done so, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Solomon Trimble — Sam Uley in the upcoming Twilight movie. It includes his stories from the set — here in Indian Beach!


4 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so going there someday. B-e-a-utiful. =)

  2. Looks like a perfect place for werewolve=)

  3. Aaahhhh….the Oregon Coast. One of the truly magnificent places on the planet.

  4. aww , I am jealous!

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