News Update!

* Borders now has an entire section of their website dedicated to all things Twilight. Yummy.

* now has an article featuring new details about the Twilight movie reshoots/new scenes. It mentions Bella’s lullaby, the bedroom kissing scene and other goodness.

* Some staff members from Twilight20somethings & the TwilightMoms found their way to the reshoots. See their story and photos on their forums — here and here.

* MTV Movies has an article about the Midnight Sun leak and the subsequent reactions to it.

* Michelle mentioned earlier about a couple projects that Twilight Extremists is running to support SM about the Midnight Sun leak. The Lex has also posted an address where you can send Stephenie your letters of support.

Some reminders:

* Our August Fan Fiction Challenge ends this Sunday — all submissions are due Sunday, August 31st by midnight PST!!

* Our Breaking Dawn Fan Review Contest ends Monday — Sept. 1st.

* The deadline for submitting Twilight Yearbook dedications (by e-mail only!) is Sept. 6th

* Send us your cheers for Friday Night Twilights — starting Sept. 12th

* And if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out our awesome interview with actor Solomon Trimble — Sam Uley in the upcoming Twilight movie.


Fan Review Selections – New Reviews Now Published!

Get your reading glasses out! Because today I proudly announce the reopening of the Fan Reviews page (Once again, I thank my wonderful computer for cooperating). Now updated with FOUR — yes, I said FOUR — newly published fan reviews just waiting to be read. Four may seem ” a little” or¬†insignificant to some, but I promise you that these reviews are definitely far from it. Once you click on the link below, you’ll see what I’m talking about. ūüėČ

These reviews were selected for their extremely insightful, indepth look into Breaking Dawn from both critical and optimistic viewpoints. A fascinating read, in my personal opinion. I strongly urge you to give these writers some love in the comments. They truly deserve it.

Don’t forget to send your fan review submissions¬†to Deadline ends September 1st. See Contests section for more details.


Link now also available in the Contests section.

Afternoon News


Extra TV has a new video up with actress Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria). Click here to view!

Ugh. In not so good news…the La Time has a new article about the Midnight Sun¬†controversy. Click here to read. Thanks to BAE for the heads up. Only our new exclusive interview is cheering me up about this at this point.

UPDATE: Twilight Series Theories has their new podcast up.  Listen to it HERE!

Exclusive Interview — Solomon Trimble

Novel Novice Twilight is proud to present an exlusive interview with Solomon Trimble.

You know him as the actor portraying Sam Uley in the upcoming Twilight movie. Now get to know him as a smart, funny and thoughtful person — with a lot of insight into the world and characters of Twilight, as well as life in general.

In this exclusive interview, Solomon shares stories from the set, tells us about his education and his love for reading — plus reveals his in-depth thoughts on werewolves, the Twilight universe and the importance of tradition. You can also read his surprising response to the age-old question, Team Edward or Team Jacob?

See it all here, or click on the “Exclusives” tab at the top of this page.

More News

In addition to the sad news from SM about the Midnight Sun leak, there is some other news in the Twilight universe today — some of it pretty good!

* Hot Topic has now added a Twilight hoodie sweatshirt to their collection of merchandise. And HGE has a photo of an Edward t-shirt that is being sold in stores, but is not yet posted online. You can see additional photos of it at Everglow.

* Before posting news about the MS leak, Seth also updated Stephenie’s official website with a variety of news — like adding motorcycles to the Cullen Cars page, videos of the Breaking Dawn concert series and new editions of the Twilight series available for pre-order.

* ShockTilYouDrop discusses a new still from the Twilight movie — though it should look familiar to fans, as it’s a still from the original teaser trailer. STYD says that the still appears in the “Fall Season Preview” issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Let the School Spirit Roar!

With all of this overwhelming excitement about our Twilight Yearbook, I wanted to take a moment to remind (or introduce to those new to our site) another way you can show your Forks High love (as well as proudly announce your team– Team Edward or Team Jacob that is). Enjoy Paige’s video which explains:

To claify:

1) Compose or Film a cheer for your favorite team (Team Edward or Team Jacob)

2) Cheers should be similar to those performed during a football game

3) Written cheers can be sent to  and videos of you and your friends dressing up in your school spirit gear and cheering for your team should be posted in reply to our introduction video which can be seen here

4)We will start posting both written cheers and videos on Sep 12. Let the games begin!

Early Evening Newscast!

* A new article on the MTV Movies Blog about how much anticipation is building for the “Twilight” movie.

* The MTV article is in response to a press release from Fandango talking about how “Twilight” is the most-anticipated movie for fall.

* The Twilight-inspired band, The Bella Cullen Project, has a new interview on … nice job, ladies!

* The Twilight Guy has moved on to Chapter 14 of New Moon.

* Stephenie Meyer is featured in the Sept. 8th issue of People Magazine. has a good quality scan of the article.

* is reporting that Ashley Greene (Alice) and Rachelle LeFevre (Victoria) will be on an episode of “Extra.” Check local times at their website.

* also has a scan of an article from the UK magazine SFX that features “Twilight.”

* The Christian Science Monitor has an article about “That vampire book” … a.k.a Twilight. Yeah, that one.

Also, a few reminders:

* The August FanFiction Challenge is almost over — all submissions are due this Sunday by midnight, PST. Details here.

* If you want to submit a dedication to our Twilight Yearbook project, you must e-mail it to one of our moderators. You cannot just leave it in the comments of a post on NNT. Read all about the guidelines here.