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Twilight Tuesday — chicken & honey edition

Chicken & honey — sounds delicious, right? Especially when you add in Cam Gigandet and Robert Pattinson.

In today’s Twilight Tuesday, Larry Carroll has a fantastic interview with the guy we all love to hate — James himself, Cam Gigandet. Check out his tasty interview here at MTV.

New Vid — Please participate!

I made a short video an hour ago about our first Viewer Discussion Question. We would really like to hear your thoughts so if you want to be heard, here’s your first chance to participate with us on our webcast! Your response could be chosen to appear on Novel Novice’s first webcast!

Please send your written responses to:

We’ll be accepting all responses until October 3rd.


(Note: Yes, I know the quality kind of sucks. I swear it looks better before I upload it on to YouTube. I’m working on fixing that problem soon. Any of my fellow techie experts know how what to do?)

Morning News

BAE has some scans of Spunk Ransom and Taylor from Popstar magazine, click here to view.

Click here to read a new article about Mike Welch’s new play Speech and Debate. 

Twilight Moms want to know where you will be on Nov 21st. Click here to to attend a viewing party!

Twilight Series Theories will be interviewing the actress playing Angela Weber, click here to submit a question. 

Webcaster Audition Results!

Novel Novice’s New Webcasters Are…


(YouTube user: JoyTheVampire)


(YouTube user: paradiseseeker1)

Jae & Val

(YouTube user: JaeAndFarah)


(YouTube user: topazandonyx)

Congratulations newbie webcasters! Your auditions were awesome. Check your YouTube inboxes soon, you should been getting a message from me congratulating you and requesting your e-mail address. Have a fun night! We can’t wait to work with you.

For those of you who sent your auditions privately: I found a Twilight vlogging collaboration channel in case you’re still interested in auditioning for something else. Just e-mail me by Tuesday and I’ll give you the link.

Morning News

Jackson Rathborne is continuing his presence in movies that go bump in the night-Blood is reporting Jackson will star in the horror movie Dread. To read more, click here. Thanks to BAE for the heads up!

Film School Rejects has a new article discussing the ten movies you need to see before the end of 2008, click here to read more. 

Robert Pattinson has won best actor at a recent film festival for his role in How to Be. To read more about his win, click here for the TMF article. 

Twilight Series Theories have uploaded their latest podcast, click here for a listen!