Happy Halloween!

In honor of this most spookiest of holidays, I must share with you our first photo of Twilighters celebrating Halloween! And what better way to kick things off, then of a fan dressing up as the lovely Alice Cullen. This photos comes to us from Rachael A.:

Rachael also mentions that, yes, that is her real hair! Doesn’t she look amazing?

And just for the fun of it, here’s a photo of me and some of my fellow co-workers from the TV station dressed up as Hogwarts students this morning at work:

(Yes, we dressed up as characters from Harry Potter. But don’t we look awesome!)

Send us your photos from Halloween! E-mail photos of you & your friends carving pumpkins, wearing costumes and having an all-around spooky time to: sara.novelnovice@comcast.net … I’ll be posting the photos throughout the rest of the week! (Fellow staffers … feel free to post your own Halloween photos, or send them to me if you’d prefer.)

Happy Haunting!


Team Jacob Day!

In honor of Team Jacob day, and in the spirit of Halloween, we are going to do something a little different today. Today NNT is excited to bring you M. Jackson’s The Thriller. One of the best music videos of all time. Why play it on Team Jacob day? Because it celebrates all things that go bump in the night, all things that aren’t quite normal, and well we can consider werewolves as part of that family. Also, it is just plain fun! Please check back this weekend for a new Team Jacob political ad

Some News to Treat On!

*Who will survive Twilight…the board game? Click here to read more about the new board game and how you can order it.

*Entertainment Weekly has posted a video of director Catherine Hardwicke and Carter Burwell working on the score for the Twilight movie, to watch click here.

*Entertainment Weekly also has added a slideshow from the photo shoot they held with the cast during the summer, click here to view.

*Empire Magazine has posted a behind the scenes video from their photo shoot, enjoy below:


Contests Galore!

There are lots of contests going on right now — both here at Novel Novice Twilight, and around the Twi-Verse in general. Here’s a look at them all:

* Some of the major Twilight fansites have teamed up with Summit Entertainment to offer a chance to chat live with director Catherine Hardwicke. You can enter the contest through various sites, including some of our top affiliates:

* Reelz Channel is also running a Twilight Ultimate Fan Contest.

And here at Novel Novice Twilight we’ve got a couple contests going on:

* Win free tickets to an advanced screening of Twilight

* Our Design a Trailer Contest lets you win free copies of the Twilight soundtrack.

30 Days: Twilight Weekly #2

Hey all — Paige is out of town this weekend, so I am here to post the second issue of our Twilight Weekly Magazine. All the credit goes to Paige — she’s brilliant! I’m just posting for her. And now, without further ado …

Twilight Weekly Issue 2 (word)

** Also, a very Happy Halloween to you all. See all our Halloween goodies here … and be sure to send us photos of you & your friends celebrating tonight. Send photos to: sara.novelnovice@comcast.net

Note: You do not have to be celebrating with a Twilight-theme … we’d love to see photos from any Halloween celebrations, including carving pumpkins, you & your friends in costumes, etc.

Nightly News

BAE has posted the 8 minute sneak peak of the Twilight movie from the Rome Film Festival. I personally refuse to watch it, because I feel I have already seen too much of the film and want to save something for Nov 21st. However, far be it from me not to share with NNT fans:


Rotten Tomatoes has over 90 stills from the Twilight film, click here to check them out. 

What does Robert Pattinson think about fans? The LA Times has the answer!

Badtaste.com has an article about the Twilight cast in Rome, click here to read.

Zimbio has pictures of the Twilight cast in Rome, click here to view.


Edward for President?

Election day is just around the corner … in fact, it’s this coming Tuesday, November 4th!! First, a quick reminder to all registered U.S. voters to cast your ballot. (Voting is important!)

Also, besides the U.S. Nat’l Election, we here at Novel Novice Twilight are also running our Team Edward vs. Team Jacob campaign. We’ll be kicking off voting in our “election” next week.

But in the meantime, I have a fun poem to share with you in our election theme. I found the poem while browsing one of our affiliate sites, Twilight Archives.

I present to you: “Edward for President” by Isabella

Oh, John McCain will die before election,
And Obama needs to get rid of the tension.
I know exactly who the perfect president will be.
And you all know his initials- E.M.C.
He’d have to bend a couple laws-
He doesn’t look like no grandpa!
But when Congress stopped being obscene,
They’d love his looks of seventeen!
Terrorists would wet their underpants,
Alice would plan the Inauguration Dance,
No treasonist would dare conspire,
And Bella could be “First Vampire!”
His Vice would be one of the pack-
How ‘bout his son-in-law, Jacob Black?
The mystic beings would be cool
When the Vampire Wars were taught in school!
CosmoGirl! would love Nessie’s hair!
Edward is assassins nightmare.
Now that you think you’ve seen it all,
Carlisle’s surgeon general.
And before long, we all will learn,
It’s time to elect him for a second term!
He’d promise life and liberty,
His campaign slogan is “Bite me.”
And then all of the Volturi
Will join the newly-formed “Vampire Party.”
Rosalie would go hand out flyers
To advertise the political vampires.
If Congress got on Jasper’s nerves,
They could be served as hors de vours.
But to are quickly waning glee,
I guess it’s all a fantasy.
But if the Cullen’s did exist,
It would be pretty hard to miss.
How they could beat the other guys.
America would be the capital of Twilight.


(Reposted with permission).

You can see the poem in it’s original form here. If you leave the author a comment, be sure to tell her you saw it here first at Novel Novice Twilight!