Twilight & the Holidays


We’ve been doing lots of cool things for the holidays lately … our shopping guide … our holiday guide

But I also want to remind you about our November-December Fan Fiction Challenge!

For the November-December Challenge, write a story about any of the Twilight characters celebrating the holidays.

* Your story may take place at any point in time (ie, before Twilight, after Breaking Dawn or during any of the 4 novels).
* Your story must fit into canon.
* You may write about any character or characters from the series.
* You may write about the characters celebrating any holiday.

Click here for complete rules & guidelines.

Send all submissions to … you have until midnight (PST) on Dec. 31st.


Morning News


*A new interview with actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has surfaced on-line, click here to read!

*Click here to check out why The Twilight Moms want everyone to go see Twilight on December 12th!

*Missed Taylor and Robert on The Tyra Banks Show? No worries, check them out below:

UPDATE from Sara: Audition for New Moon! Here is casting information for the New Moon movie. According to this information, filming starts in March. Woo!

Nikki Reed on Conan!


Check out her appearance below, thanks to BAE for the heads up! Enjoy:

More Twilight Shopping — Get a Discount!


We just posted our Twilight Holiday Shopping Guide today, but I’ve got an addition to the list: These folks have some beautiful, original, handmade jewelry items all inspired by the classically-bella-braceletTwilight Saga.

They have different versions of Bella’s bracelet, including one for the ultimate Team Edward supporter. They also have necklaces, earrings and a cell phone dangle. chandelier-earrings

These Bella chandelier earrings are among my favorites. Classic, elegant and subtle — but they still say Twilight.

And for today only (Nov. 28th) — if you order online, you can get a 20% discount on your purchase. Just enter the promo code “tsfriends” when you order.

Just in from TwilightStyle — they are offering Novel Novice Twilighters a special holiday discount!! Enter the code “tnnfriends” through the entire holiday season for a 20% off discount on your purchase!

Thanks to the folks at TwilightStyle!

Twilight Holiday Shopping Guide


Looking for that perfect something to buy the Twilighter in your life? Building a wish list of your own?

Novel Novice Twilight is proud to present you with our Twilight Holiday Shopping Guide (by Michelle & Sara)!

Hot Topic & Torrid

twilight-hoodieSister stores, and also suppliers of official Twilight movie merchandise, you can find all variety of clothing options and accessories here. Both stores offer an array of Twilight t-shirts. Though Hot Topic has a wider variety, Torrid’s selection is available in plus sizes for women.

At Hot Topic, you can also find accessories such as buttons, patches, keychains, jewelry, bags, and posters.

Amazon’s Twilight Store cullen-jewelry-set

This is the place to go for books, music and other Twilight gear. But perhaps the best part about Amazon’s Twilight shop is its featured jewelry collection. For $99, you can purchase a collector’s set of replica Cullen crest jewelry, as rosalies-necklacefeatured in the movie. The set includes Carlisle’s ring, Alice’s choker, Rosalie’s necklace, Esme’s bracelet and Edward’s wristcuff. It also comes in a display case and with a postcard autographed by Peter Facinelli. You can also purchase individual Cullen crest jewelry pieces for reasonable prices (about $20), though the set is a good deal for what you’re getting.

Amazon is also a great place to order or pre-order Twilight books and music. You can also sign up to be notified when the Twilight movie will be available on DVD and Blu Ray.

messengerbagBorders Twilight Shop

Borders is another official partner for the Twilight movie, and they’ve got more official merchandise. That includes t-shirts, hoodies, posters, jewelry, and keychains — in addition to CDs and books. twilight-perfume

Borders also has some pretty cool exclusive merchandise — like the 2009 wall calendar, a pen, buttons, bookmarks, wall scrolls, stickers, magnets, Twilight perfume and a nifty messenger bag.

bellas-braceletTwilight Teez

This is the official shop that started it all — Twilight Teez is home to the original designs from Stephenie Meyer’s books. They have t-shirts for all your favorite characters: Bella, Jacob, Edward and the rest of the Cullens. You can find styles in short or long bellas-engagement-ringsleeves. They’ve even added sweatshirts and hoodies recently. You can also find baseball caps and beanies.

This is also the place where you can buy the official “Bella’s Bracelet” and “Bella’s engagement ring.”

Twilight on Zazzle

Zazzle is one of those places where fans can upload their own creations and turn them into just about anything from t-shirts and sweatshirts, to coasters, notecards and even shoes! The shoes, perhaps, are among Zazzle’s coolest offerings.

Twilight at CafePress

Like Zazzle, fans can turn their own designs into t-shirts and other fun goodies. There is also an official Twilight movie CafePress shop, with designs like those found at Hot Topic, Torrid and Borders.

no-secrets-buttonNovel Novice Twilight Shop

Speaking of CafePress, be sure to check out the NNT shop! We have a variety of designs available as t-shirts, as well as some bags, buttons, mugs and magnets. dazzled-my-students

Our designs also include a special Twilight teacher t-shirt that says “I dazzled my students” … perhaps that’s the perfect gift for your favorite teacher this year.


apple-charmThe Twilight Shop

Home to some of the coolest original Twilight creations I’ve seen yet, The Twilight Shop features original designs from Crushed Ice Creations, including jewelry pieces, t-shirts, artwork and other unique items.

Some of their coolest offerings are a variety of Twilight-themed charms, so you can build your own, custom charm bracelet. The charms include a crutch (for Bella), a forkcrystal-heart-charm (for Forks) and of course a variety of apples. There are several different charm options for Edward and Jacob each.

Their artwork includes original wood signs, featuring some famous phrases, such as wolf-charm“Do I dazzle you?” Others also include Twilight-themed phrases, such as “Vampires Welcome” and “If only Edward were real.”

They also have a fun collection of vinyl stickers for your car — so you can declare your love for Twilight, Team Edward or Team Jacob when you’re on the road.


These folks have some beautiful, original, handmade jewelery inspired by the Twilight Saga. Each piece is elegent, classic and subtle — but still says Twilight. They offer versions of Bella’s bracelet, as well as earrings, necklaces and a cell phone dangle. My favorites are these chandelier earrings. (And if you order on Nov. 28th, enter the promo code “tsfriends” for a 20% discount!) Just in from TwilightStyle — enter the code “tnnfriends” and get a 20% discount through the entire holiday season!

Twilight on Etsy
Etsy is the best place to find homemade Twilight creations made by Twilighters.  On Etsy you can find a wide variety of merchandise from jewelry, apparel, bookmarks, pins, and more!  Some sellers even personalize or customize their products.  Everything on Etsy is supposed to be handmade, so care and time should’ve been put into all the merchandise.  

Recommendations from Michelle & Sara:

Since the cold weather has arrived, this Obsessive Cullen Disorder hoodie from Cafepress would be perfect to keep any Twilighter warm.  Find a wide variety of merchandise with the O.C.D. design HERE

etsy-charmsOf the official jewelry, I’m a big fan of Rosalie’s Necklace. But there is no denying that the offerings on Etsy are to die for! I can’t even pick a favorite. You can find all variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, pendants, and rings. One of the most creative designs, I think, is a necklace variation on Bella’s bracelet. I also love some of the mix-n-match pendants, such as those pictured to the left.

TwilightTeez is home to my personal favorite Twilight hat … the Edward Fan Club Beanie. It’s adorable, pro-Team Edward and it keeps your head warm! They also offer beanies for Alice and Jacob.

edward-pinsHow can the ultimate Edward Cullen fan express his/her love?   With a set of 8 Edward Cullen pins!  The collection made by messageonabutton, an Etsy seller, will only set you back $5.50 and shipping, and the pins make great stocking stuffers. You can also find pins for your other Twilight obsessions on Etsy.


The Twilight Shop at Zazzle has some pretty cool shoes, but my favorites are these hand-painted Chuck Taylors from Etsy. They’ve got all the books represented! This seller actually has a variety of Twilight shoes, so be sure to check them all out. 

ipod-coverSo you’ve bought the Twilight soundtrack. You’ve loaded it onto your iPod. Now you need a Twilight-themed iPod cover! Check out this awesome offering from malenahandbags, a seller on Etsy. She’ll even custom-make one for you, using the image of your choice — and tailor it to fit any iPod, mp3 player or cell phone.mittens She also has some really cool Twilight handbags in a variety of designs.

You can also stay warm this winter, with Twilight mittens. This seller is offering a variety of designs, all inspired by our favorite saga. Plus, cozy fingers — always a good thing.

Got a favorite Twilight shop or item? Tell us your picks in the comments!

Don’t forget to check out more fun stuff on our new Special Events & Holidays page … including our Twilight Holiday Guide. And check back soon for original Twilight Holiday downloads!

Kristen’s New Adventure!


Below you can check out the trailer for Kristen Stewart’s new movie, Adventureland. It is from the director of Superbad and looks hilarious:

Twilight’s Muse


New from the AP wires:


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — The director of “Twilight” says she did everything she could to meet members of the band Muse, because they were an inspiration for “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer. Catherine Hardwicke says she made videotapes of herself, saying “dude, I want to meet you guys” and begged them to be part of the movie. She thinks those tapes probably ended up in the trash can, but she says somehow they still gave the film permission to use what Hardwicke calls “that one awesome song:” “Supermassive Black Hole.”

In case you’ve been living under a hole, here’s a Twilight video made by our own Paige set to Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole” — check it out: