Ultimate Twilight Party Guide

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Here is the 2008 Twilight Party Guide:


So you want to celebrate withTwilight? A birthday, a girls weekend, the DVD release … whatever the occassion, Novel Novice Twilight is here to help you throw the best Twilight-themed party ever! That’s right — ever. So get ready to channel your inner-Alice … here is NNT’s Ultimate Twilight Party Guide:


100_13431Start with the essential red, black & white theme from the covers of the Twilight books and go from there. Your decorations can be simple and elegant, elaborate, whimsical, campy, etc. Anything you imagine! For our party, we wanted something Alice Cullen would approve of.

We started by creating a centerpiece inspired by all four book covers: a vase filled with red and clear glass beads holds wax tulips painted to match those found on the New Moon cover and stemmed wax apples (Twilight), then we wrapped a red ribbon around the neck of the vase (Eclipse) and placed the vase on top of a chess board with red and white chess pieces (Breaking Dawn). We had trouble finding a red and white chess set for an affordable price, so we 100_1346bought a black and white set and used fusible spray paint on the black pieces. We also used extra red ribbon and wound it through the candelabra over the table.

We also printed full-size copies of each book cover and hung them on the wall as decorations, along with prints and posters from the Twilight movie. We found posters for $5-10 online and at Michael’s craft 100_1336stores. We printed promotional photos on glossy paper for extra “artwork.”

For added fun, we created family portraits of ourselves with the Cullens. Using photoshop — we combined images of the birthday girl and our family with publicity photos/movie stills from Twilight — to create a custom Cullen portrait gallery.100_1464

If you can afford it, a cardboard cutout of your favorite Twilight character would not only add instant atmosphere to any party — but it provides countless hours of fun for you and your friends to pose for photos. A bowl of Red Delicious apples can also add to the decor, as well 100_1332as providing more photo opportunities — you and your friends can mimic the “hands holding the apple” from the original cover of the Twilight book.

We also took our cues from the books’ red, black 100_1324and white color scheme — putting clusters of balloons in these colors around the room. We found confetti in red, black and white for tabletops. And we filled vases with fresh red and white roses. You could also use streamers and other party decorations in red, black and white. We even filled a candy dish with red, black and white M&Ms.


100_1319For atmosphere, we turned to the extensive playlists for each book featured on Stephenie Meyer’s website. You can either play the music directly off of her website, or download the songs yourself and create a playlist on your computer or MP3 player, or create mix CDs. For party favors, I made a CD of my favorite tracks and created a custom cover & CD label. The movie soundtrack and score are also great choices for music.100_1422

Lighting is also key to creating atmosphere — once again, we took our cues from Alice and used plenty of candles — both tealights, and assorted red candles. You could also use white twinkle lights for added drama.


Shouldn’t this be obvious? The best main course for any Twilight party is, of course, mushroom ravioli. We purchased frozen mushroom 100_1340ravioli and served it with a marinara sauce — but you can get creative with other sauce options. We served ours with garlic bread (since Twilight vampires aren’t averse to garlic) and a Pacific Northwest salad, using ingredients from the region where Twilight takes place. We called our dining table “La Bella Italia Restaurant” and printed menus on nice paper — one for each place setting.100_1377

Our party was for a birthday, so dessert was the cake. But not just any cake — our cake was dazzling. We baked a chocolate cake and used pure white frosting, then covered it in shimmering, edible luster dust — so it sparkled just like Edward’s skin. We also used red and white rose buds as decoration and black glittering candles.100_1456 (Get more Twilight cake ideas here.)

We also served some snacks and drinks before dinner. Since everyone at our party was 21+, we chose some nice red wine (there is even a Vampire wine that comes out around 100_1441Halloween) and a red-colored cocktail. Our concoction was made using strawberry puree, margarita mix, lime juice, tequila and triple sec — mixed and served over ice. You could also create a virgin cocktail by substituting sparkling water or 7up for the tequila and triple sec. We were going for something that looked a little “bloody,” it being a vampire party and all.

For the table setting, we went back to our red, black and white theme — using a red table cloth, black napkins and white china.

Dress Code

Not every party needs a 100_1449dress code — but if you choose to do so, a Twilight party has some options. We started by taking our cues, once again, from the books’ red, black and white color scheme — asking guests to come dressed in these colors. You can also invite guests to wear their favorite Twilight t-shirts. Or you could make it a costumed event — and invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite character from the books. (For ideas on Twilight costumes, click here.)

Entertainment & Activities

100_1350After March 21st, you can use the Twilight DVD as entertainment for your party. But since the movie had just hit theaters when we threw our party, we found another way to put Edward Cullen up on the TV screen. We created a DVD photo slideshow using pictures from the movie. It played on a continuous loop and provided constant entertainment for our guests. You could also create a YouTube playlist of your favorite Twilight videos and hook that up to your TV screen.

A Twilight board game will also soon be available, for your entertainment purposes.

For other party activities, you could also create a Twilight trivia game 100_1320using various Twilight quizes from the Internet — including these we created right here at NNT.

You could also create your own version of a “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game — using a poster-sized version of the Twilight book cover. Then, ask guests to “pin the apple” on the book cover after blind-folding them and spinning them around several times.

What other Twilight games and activities can you think of? Share your ideas in the comments!

The Alice Touch

100_1370Alice Cullen would always go that extra step to make a party even more fantastic. Taking our cues from Alice, we found a few small ways to give our party some extra special touches:

* My mom (handy with a wood-burning kit) created our very own Cullen crest. She used a wood plaque, and recreated the same crest used in the movie by 100_1366copying the artwork.

* Think of clever ways to incorporate moments from the books into your party. Since this was a birthday party, we were worried about Jasper having trouble with paper cuts — so we provided guests with band aids and a sign asking them to cover any open wounds.

100_1367* Treat the guest of honor like Bella herself. We used photoshop to give our guest of honor (in this case, the birthday girl) a place of honor beside Edward Cullen.100_1349

* Birthday banners with dazzle — we created custom Twilight birthday banners using a computer print program.

100_13391We also created a Twilight garland by stringing printed photos from the movie onto a red ribbon and hanging it over the window. To give them a finished look — I printed the photos onto glossy paper and trimmed them using decorative, scrapbooking scissors. I punched a hole in each photo to loop them onto the ribbon. 100_1328

* Wrap with care — use black, red and white gift wrap to give your gifts a special, Twilight touch. And if you need ideas for Twilight-themed gifts, check out NNT’s Twilight Shopping Guide.

100_1437* Remember, fresh flowers in vases add instant class to any gathering. Look for blooms in red & white shades for that extra Twilight touch.

Have you celebrated recently with a Twilight party? Share your tips & ideas with us in the comments!


75 Responses

  1. this is amazing!!

  2. Oh man this is great. Someone tell my husband!!! Im going to have a party for my bday.. THANKS FOR SHARIN THE GREAT IDEAS

  3. that is great! One more suggestion though… float some red and white candles in wine glasses on the table, they look fabulous!

  4. OME! This is awsome!!! im gonna show my mom!!!! OMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

  5. Im loving your ideas! Im having a DVD release party and have a tone of ideas already but loved the picture banner idea you had. Your center piece turned out great, I loved how you incorperated all 4 books. Im sticking with the first book and doing a center piece of apples with tall white candles with blood dripping from them!!
    Thanks for some great ideas….and I love your twilight quiz!!

  6. OMeeeeeeeeeeeee I can’t wait

  7. My birhtday is the day “New Moon” comes out in theatres, and THIS is my birthday decorations… *laughs evilly*

  8. My birthday party was Twilight because Twilight came out a few days before my birthday so my invitations were black, white and red. We went to the movie and we also had red punch and it was amazing. I was going to do the same thing for new moon but I have new plans. My hope is to fly out for the premiere so i hope I can. Otherwise I will use these ideas.

  9. That was sooo awesome! I’m going to throw a release party and these ideas are amazing. Thank you.

  10. OH.MY.GOD!
    WHY WAS MY BIRTHDAY 4 MONTHS AGO?! I am soo doing this as soon as possible, thanks for sharing!

  11. as well, something I did was I had shiny pink soap(dont ask why), so I ripped off the label and wrote -alice cullen soap, strawberry, shiny, sparkly, smells good, (note; guarenteed to get edward to drop bella for you)-

  12. hi guys! thanks for some of the new ideas. i had a party the saturday night before twilight came out and i have a few more ideas you may like…. You guys know at bella’s b-day party and the graduation those lights with pink ribbon (and the other time no ribbon) alice had strung for three miles to the house. well, i put them all over the trees on my front lawn 🙂

    also, I am a huge team jacob girl so i made a dig dish that a painted fido on and put apples in it for my centerpiece! Also, you know how in Eclipse Seth takes Riley’s arm off??? Well I found a plastic dismembered arm that moves around on the floor…. My friends didn’t notice and then they stepped on it and she flipped!

    I know that the drinks you guys made were for over 21’s so i have two other drink ideas for us younger twi-hards. Hawian Punch (looks really red) and shirley temples! One last fun food idea that is from only the movie and not the books… When Bella and her friends are in the van at the beach in the back some are throwing twizzlers at eachother so serve those 🙂

    I have a question for you guys to. How did you paint the flowers, it looks good and i was wondering if you could put up directions on how you did it!

    Thanks for your amazing ideas (which I am using for my next party)!! I really like how some of the ideas are free and creative (like the posters on the string and the slideshow of pictures) I hope you enjoy my ideas and try to use them!!!!!

  13. Hi Alice Black —

    We painted the flowers using paint pens from the craft store. We bought plain white wax tulips and used a red paint pen to copy the markings from the tulips on the cover of “New Moon.” We painted them by hand, just free-form.

  14. Wow, this is amazing!!!!!!!! My friend is having a Twilight themed party for the DVD release party. Her mom has already agreed to make mushroom ravioli and maybe some lasagna. We also want to make scrambled eggs.
    Alice Black, I love your idea about using Hawaian punch, since we are only 13 years old. We had only thought about drinking Coke, you know, like in Twilight. Also, my frend’s aunt is a huge fan and wants to pretend she is Alice and use some of daughter’s old prom and graduation dresses and accesories to give us all makeovers and then have dinner and then watch the movie over and over and over… We hadn’t really thought about decorations but I’ll definately show her this. Thank you so much!!!!!

  15. I just had a twilight party yesterday!! It was awesome and everything was pretty much the same as you described it! We all dressed kinds formal (black and red of course)! We had ravioli and black and red cupcakes! Candles made the atmosphere very twilighty!! Music was awesome and I actually found the real tulips from new moon cover!! Books and posters were the decorations and I do have a life size cut out Edward!!! It was awesome!!


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  19. I am planning a Twilight party for my 13th birthdya and this site is so amazing.It has inspired me

  20. […] O Novel Novice Twilight criaram o “Ultimate Twilight Party Guide”, um guia para fazer uma festa com o tema Crepúsculo. Para saber todas as dicas e idéias, leia o post completo. […]

  21. This is fantastic! I was looking for ideas for a party myself and you guys have written the rules on the definitive Twilight party. What an amazing bash! Wish I were your friend! 😀

  22. Thanks for some cool tips. For the DVD release we are having an old fashion slumber party where we all wear our PJ’s to watch all the extra’s as well as the film. And since we’re serving Margaritas and Martinis everyone is invited to sleep overnight on the floor just like in the good old days.

  23. great ideas so good i am having at huge twilight premeire party on the 21 when the movie comes out ya i have 51 peaple coming so many wow thanks for this it helps

  24. 🙂

  25. (panda)

  26. patty thats the most gayist thing iv ever heard

  27. omg im having a big twilight party on the 21 and i have 51 peaple coming

  28. thank for this website it helps

  29. Umm… this is hands down the best thing I’ve ever seen. I have no doubts that Alice would give this her seal of approval. So creative and so much attention to detail! I usually don’t leave comments on blogs such as these, but I had to commend you on your efforts. I’m sure this was tons of fun!

  30. This is awesome. I’m doing something like this for the release of the DVD/my birthday [my birthday is march 22…the day after the movie comes out]. So my best friend and I are having a Twilight weekend. 🙂

  31. These ideas were amazing. Thanks.

  32. Thank you for the fun/great ideas!!! I’m throwing a Twilight dvd release party on Saturday the 21st, and I’m going to make this a blast of a party!! Two things I’ve seen from your site, that I’m going to incorporate is the pictures, hanging by ribbon…and the red drink with margaritta mix…yum!! I’m also coring out the tops of apples and putting votive candles in, to put around the room. Just too much to type out…but I loved your party ideas, and loved looking at your pictures!!! I’m glad you glad had a good time! I heart Edward!! 🙂


  33. I manage a video store and we are staying open after midnight for the release of twilight and we are to have a release party so these are great ideas for me to use. thanks so much.

  34. OMG! Edward is so cuuuuuute! I can’t stop listening to the twilight soundtrack without having a friend over at my house. I found out what………………..what edward and bella’s real names were! Kristen Stuwart, and Robert Pattonsin. I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. OMG! I love the party ideas for a twilight party!

  36. What els does web site have on here for some more ideas tonight????? Did you see edward from twilight, he’s a real hotty isn’t he? Iyou think he is, e-mail this…twilighters_39@yahoo.com.

  37. What els does this web site have on here for some more ideas tonight????? Did you see edward from twilight, he’s a real hotty isn’t he? Iyou think he is, e-mail this…twilighters_39@yahoo.com.

  38. what about folding the menus up and printing them like air line tickets like in new moon or adding Volturi cloaks to the dress code. If it’s in the evening you could all go out and dance (rave!) at Twilight like the wedding in Breaking Dawn. If you’re feeling sporty make sure you play a bit of baseball before snuggling up to watch the film! 😛 When you snuggle up get lots of teddies to bring out a bit of Emmett’s history. xx

  39. […] The lovely ladies over at Novel Novice Twilight have posted a brilliant ‘Ultimate Twilight Party Guide. Read it here. […]

  40. That asome i love twilight one time i almost fainted when i met Taylor and Robert

  41. O.M.E

    Thank you sooooooooo much.
    my b-day is next month and i am sooooo using your ideas



  42. What great ideas, thank you so much for sharing!!! My daughter is a huge Twilight fan and we will be throwing a Twilight Birthday party for her upcoming 10th bday. Some ideas we are planning to incorporate: lots of clear xmas lights/japanese paper lanterns and pink roses, “Alice Style”. Since it’s a kid’s party, we will be having a game of Vampire Baseball. I’m thinking of making charm bracelets for the girls, with a wolf charm and a “diamond” for girl’s party favor. For the boys, maybe a wiffle ball/bat set, or a model building kit of a volvo/hummer/ford truck, etc. We are also thinking of making baseball shirts for the kids, “Team Edward vs. Team Alice”….. “Team Vampire vs. Team Werewolf”, are some ideas we are tossing around.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  43. OMG!
    you guys rock! thankyou so much for posting this~!!!!!!

  44. Can you please tell me where you found your chess set at? Thanks!!!

    • Beth, we bought a black & white chess set online at Amazon and then painted the black pieces red with spray paint. The pieces were plastic, so we used spray paint that’s designed to bond with plastic.

  45. I have another questions for you…can you tell me what kind of paint you bought for the flowers, and did you paint them w/a brush?

    Thanks for all your help! I will have to send you a pic when I get through!

    Beth Ann

    • Hi Beth Ann —

      We used acrylic paint pens for the flowers. My mom did the actual painting, and just used the pens (no brush). She did it all freehand, using the cover of “New Moon” as a guide.

      We’d love to see your photos when you’re done!

      • I wanted to send you pics from our 2 Twilight / New Moon parties…how should I send them?

        I have them posted to my Wal-Mart site, I can email them if you give me your address?

        Please let me know if you would like to view.
        The parties were a hit…and your tips really helped.

        Thanks again,
        Beth ann

      • Hi Beth Ann —

        We’d love to see your photos!

        Email them to sara.novelnovice@comcast.net

  46. OMG I ❤ Twilight so 4 my 11 party Im going Twilight!!I am soooooo excited to get the invitations!!

  47. I have been searching everywhere for the ruffled parrot tulips and cannot find them anywhere( well one place was wanting 9 dollars a stem, a bit too much for me) Where did you buy the wax tulips from? Thanks

  48. OMGGGG!!!!! On my birthday we will go watch New Moon in cinema and then have twilight party!! Thnx this reeaally helps

  49. […] Novel Novice had a Twilight party and wrote a really great post on all the details (lots of […]

  50. you could get guests to rsvp as team edward or team jacob

  51. You can get some cool Twilight themed cell phone charms on Amazon. They make great party favors. Just search for Twilight cell phone charms– there are some bulk packs of ten for parties.

  52. i love that cullen crest you weilded! thats beutiful work.

  53. Hey there! I recently hosted a twilight birthday bash, just a tip you could add to your games section: Apple Bob. 🙂 Its sure to be loads of fun!

  54. Nice Post . . . I’m thinking about writing a reply actually or at least it got me thinking about some things I might want to write about . . . Art Of War

  55. […] To view the complete ‘Ultimate Party Guide’, click here. […]

  56. I’m throwing a small pre-party for the Eclipse premiere and I’m SOOO EXCITED! I’m taking some of these ideas and I’m also putting these special white candles on the table that melt and drip red wax and I’m handing out gift bags of freesia scented lotion/ perfume from bed bath and beyond! It’s gonna be great!!!

  57. thank so much i have avrything that you said and my freinds sead omg best party ever 🙂

  58. omg thanks 😉

  59. ‘ )

  60. we have a couple potted trees in our house, so we decorated them with white christmas lights and red ribbon. Then hung foam apples on it like the ones you get for christmas decorating.

  61. […] Bella to the prom, and she even planned Edward and Bella’s wedding. To throw an extravagant party like Alice’s (but without her centuries-old budget), you need only add a few personal and […]

  62. This is an amazing website for twi-hards. Thanks for sharing it . I’m going to use some of these ideas for my 13th birthday party in a month. Team Jacob
    Team Werewolf 🙂

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