Sunday News … counting down to MTV Movie Awards!

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* Producer Mark Burnett says Twilight will be a major focus of the MTV Movie Awards.

* Catherine Hardwicke discusses the legacy of Twilight on the MTV Movies Blog.

* Preparing for the performance at tonight’s MTV Movie Awards, the Kings of Leon jump on the Twilight bandwagon. So to speak …

* Catherine Hardwicke says Kristen Stewart can do anything.

* The MTV Movie Awards Insider gets to see the New Moon trailer … lucky … grr …

* MTV looks back at some of the hottest red carpet looks from past Movie Awards, including RPattz.

* Some very well-known Twilight fans will be filling seats at the awards show tonight.

* New Moon t-shirts have been spotted at Hot Topic! Check out some photos at HGE. Though there are still plenty of goodies in the HT Twilight shop, no New Moon tees are online at this point.

* Twilight-Blog has snagged some photos of Ashley Greene and Dakota Fanning in costume as Alice & Jane. Spoiler-ish.

* Are you watching the MTV Movie Awards tonight? Then join NNT as Ms. Truitt live blogs during the awards show … starting at 8:30pm (EST).

Okay NNTers … what are your plans for tonight’s MTV Movie Awards? Are you watching? Not watching? Why? And did you check out those pics of Dakota Fanning as Jane? What are your thoughts?


NNT Sunday Special

Good morning NNT-ers! I hope you like our new home banner designed by graphics extraordinaire, Sara. I, for one, think it’s pretty darn nifty. In other NNT news, I will be blogging live right here on the site during the movie awards and would love it for you to join me. How does this work? Pretty easy–visit our site while watching the MTV Movie Awards and post your thoughts, questions, and OMEs. I look forward to those of you who can join me! What time does the goodness start? 8:30!

Weekend News Update

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Never a dull moment in the Twilight world these days … and so, on with the latest news:

* Larry Carroll over at MTV News has a wonderful new article about Twilight, and how the series and its stars have gone from relative unknowns to superstars.

* RadarOnline now has some behind-the-scenes video from the New Moon shoot in Italy.

* Sounds like Catherine Hardwicke is on Team Switzerland … today, she’s gushing over Taylor Lautner, who’s competing with Rob Pattinson in the Breakout Male Performance category at the MTV Movie Awards.

* MTV has also posted the 15-second teaser of the New Moon trailer we showed you yesterday, along with a brief analysis and some screen-grab/stills.

* NPR has a new article, encouraging men to read Twilight as a way to better understand women.

* E! Online has a new article with Billy Burke (aka Charlie) about New Moon, what RPattz is like off-camera & all those nasty Rob/Kristen rumors. (FYI, Burke calls it BS. Makes me like him even more … )

* And for all of you Twitter-ers, the Lex is encouraging a spread of thanks to Chris Weitz for finally hearing “I love you” from Bella. (It’s in the 15-second trailer preview). If you Twitter, check out their cause here.

Well, NNTers … tell us your thoughts on all of this week’s exciting Twi-News? What has gotten you the most excited? Pictures from Italy? The 15-second trailer preview? MTV Movie Awards coverage? Something else? Tell us in the comments!

More Friday Twi-News …

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* MTV continues its pre-Movie Awards coverage, with the latest from Catherine Hardwicke about why Rob Pattinson deserves to win Best Male Breakout Performance.

* At the MTV Movies Blog, Hardwicke explains why RPattz was her leading man for Twilight.

* The fine folks at have even more fantastic photos from the New Moon shoot in Italy.

* And if you missed it … catch the 15-second preview of the New Moon trailer!

* And check out all of our new desktop wallpapers for Team Switzerland Day!

What an exciting weekend ahead … will you be watching the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday?

“It’s my birthday — kiss me.”

movie news_volterra 

ET has posted a 15-second teaser for tonight’s New Moon coverage … and it’s already worth it!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See more here & here.

Tell us your thoughts on this uber-exciting, yet short first clip from New Moon in the comments!

Twi-tastic Team Switzerland Day!

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Since we had such an awesome response to our New Moon poster-style desktop wallpapers last week, we’ve created a whole new batch of downloadable goodies for you on this Friday Team Switzerland Day!

Below, you’ll find Team Switzerland desktop wallpapers (featuring the new artwork from the New Moon poster), New Moon wallpapers featuring the new photos this week from “Volterra,” and, in the spirit of neutrality, we’ve also created even more Twilight Saga desktop wallpapers — featuring many of your favorite characters!

As always, click to view-full size, then right-click to save!

Team Switzerland:

twilight saga_team switz werewolves and vampires

twilight saga_team switzerland

twilight saga_team switzerland i don't care

New Moon goes to Volterra:

new moon_volterra1

new moon_volterra2

Our Favorite Pairings:

twilight saga_switzerland script

twilight_about three things

twilight saga_in this moment

Character Wallpapers:

twilight saga_alice sees things

twilight saga_bella how i would die

twilight saga_carlisle's theory

twilight saga_edward in the sunlight

twilight saga_emmett

twilight saga_esme love passionately

twilight saga_jacob was right

twilight saga_jasper is very interesting

twilight saga_rosalie pure beauty

twilight saga_sam uley

BONUS: Check out these new Volterra wallpapers from LivesAmongTheStars:



View more downloadable goodies here.

And check out everything on the Team Switzerland Project here.

Have something you’d like to share for a future Team Switzerland Day? Artwork, downloads, poetry, short stories, videos, etc? Send it to

Tell us your thoughts on this week’s Team Switzerland Day in the comments! Which wallpaper is your favorite & why? What do you love most about Team Switz?

Friday Twi-News

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* MTV news has a cool new interview with Catherine Hardwicke, who shows off her bed where Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson now famously auditioned for Twilight (by making out) among other fun things.

* Over on the movies blog, Catherine Hardwicke also makes her case for Twilight winning “Best Kiss” at the MTV Movie Awards.

* According to Twitter, ET Online is promising some new New Moon footage on tonight’s show!

* According to AceShowBiz, MTV Movie Awards host Andy Samberg is a Twilight fan.

Okay, NNTers … what are your thoughts on today’s Twi-News? Oh, and how do you like our new “news” banner? Yeah, we’ve got a few new ones featuring Volterra that we’ll be rolling out over the next few days … and stay tuned for today’s Team Switzerland Day. We’ve got lots of exciting goodies in store & you don’t want to miss it!!