Tuesday Twi-News


* MTV’s Larry Carroll has posted his report about attending Summer School in Forks:

If you’re like many “Twilight” fans, you cherish every word of Stephenie Meyer’s novels, gush each time Robert Pattinson runs his fingers through his hair and celebrate the birthdays of the Cullens as if you’re part of the family. But if you haven’t been to Forks, you’re missing out on a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Read more here.

* Some updates from StephenieMeyer.com — you can now pre-order the New Moon: Illustrated Movie Companion book. Also, Random House is hosting a new contest to win the Twilight Saga audio books.

* RadarOnline talks to some of the producers of New Moon.

* Peter Facinelli is getting ready to cash-in his win on the Twitter bet … the “Bikini dance” happens today. Meanwhile, check out the preparations over at the Lex.

* Today is your last day to enter the May-June Fan Fiction Challenge! Details here (and learn about our July-August Fan Fiction Challenge, with prizes from Defining Twilight here.)


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