“New Moon” calendar, Tim Burton & more Twi-News!

news update new moon

* The New Moon calendar will be available August 4th … that’s this coming Tuesday! Pre-order at Borders:

new moon calendar cover

* While at Comic Con to preview his upcoming movie Alice in Wonderland, director Tim Burton talked about another project he’s working on with Johnny DeppDark Shadows, in which Depp will play a vampire. Burton talks to MTV about the “beauty” of the Twilight phenomenon, and who he wants to watch the movie with.

* Lots of stories are floating around now about the Rachelle LeFevre/Bryce Dallas Howard/Victoria casting story … here’s some of the latest (and more original/interesting) angles:

* MyFoxPhoenix talks to Kiowa Gordon about playing Embry in New Moon. You can also watch NNT’s exclusive interview with Kiowa here:

Okay, NNTers … tell us your thoughts in the comments! Are you pre-ordering your calendar? And don’t you just love Tim Burton? How cool if he came on board for Breaking Dawn, right?? (Okay, I know, crazy idea … but still … )


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