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* Lainey Gossip has new photos from the set of Eclipse, this time featuring Bella & Renee in “Florida” … (funny how Canada can double for Florida when it’s filmed in late summer!)

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* US Weekly will be issuing another special Twilight issue on September 25th, called “The Sexy Stars of Twilight: New Moon

* Taylor Lautner is featured on the October cover of Teen Vogue

* MTV has a preview of Taylor’s interview in the upcoming Teen Vogue

* Also from Teen Vogue … behind the scenes of Taylor’s photo shoot … and a timeline of Taylor’s fashion, plus this nifty video:

* The Mitch Hansen Band is hoping for a spot on the New Moon soundtrack

* MTV has a new interview with Death Cab for Cutie, which will have the first single from the New Moon soundtrack

* Also, check out this pretty new still image of Bella & Edward from New Moon:

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“Twilight” & vampires get spoofed in new movie

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It was only a matter of time before the spoof-genre tackled vampires (and by proxy, Twilight). Check out the new trailer for “Transylmania,” coming in December:

You can also read up on “Transylmania” at MTV.

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“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and other book adaptations highlight fall film previews

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The fall film season is almost upon us … and The Twilight Saga: New Moon is one of the most hyped movies of the fall movie season. Take a look at this excerpt from the latest Associated Press article:

Still, rascals, rogues, beasts and baddies abound. Vampires and werewolves form opposing cliques in the season’s supernatural heavyweight, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” with Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson back for the second chapter of Stephenie Meyer’s vamp-schoolgirl romance.

The vampire-werewolf feud makes for a nice exploration of our own psyches, said “New Moon” director Chris Weitz.

“I suppose they’re the two most relatable human monsters that we can think of. They nicely encapsulate restraint and passion,” Weitz said. “Vampires are cold-blooded, literally, and werewolves are hot-blooded.”

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is also one of many book-to-movie adaptations coming to theaters this fall. Check out a preview in my article on Examiner:

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” (11.20.09)

Does this movie even need an introduction? It’s part two in Stephenie Meyer’s four-part Twilight Saga of books – and is the sequel to last year’s “Twilight,” which helped make Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart household names. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” follows Bella (Stewart) after she is left by her true love, the vampire Edward (Pattinson). In his absence, friendship and possibly more blossoms between Bella and her pal Jacob (Taylor Lautner) – who may be harboring some supernatural secrets of his own.

See more book-to-movie adaptations HERE!

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Monday Twi-News

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* Lots came out this weekend at the NJ Twilight Convention … here’s the latest:

* Eclipse director David Slade has posted a new photo to his Twitter account of Taylor Lautner doing a back-flip:

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* Lainey Gossip has new photos from the set of Eclipse, including photos of Jackson Rathbone and the humans dressed up for the graduation scene

* You may have heard rumors that Tanya has been cast in Eclipse, but it’s not true … the Lex confirmed with Summit that Tanya is NOT in Eclipse.

* OK Magazine has a new interview with Emile Hirsch, who talks about his Into the Wild co-star, Kristen Stewart

* Author Neil Gaiman talks about the surge in popularity for vampires (Gaiman is one of my favorite authors! If you haven’t read any of his books, you should totally check them out! Personal faves: Stardust and Neverwhere.)

* Also, don’t forget to check out:

* And a reminder — TODAY is the last day to enter NNT’s July-August Fan Fiction Challenge, with prizes sponsored by Defining Twilight. First prize is an autographed Twilight cast photograph! Entries are due by midnight (PST) tonight!

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If you liked Twilight….Firefly?


Here at NNT we are not just fascinated by the world of Twilight (in fact, in the next few months you might see some additions to the site that prove that very point). We are participants of other fandoms as well. Now to those well versed in vampire pop culture, the name Joss Whedon should sound very familiar. Whedon is the creator of such classics as: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse. A lesser known project of Whedon’s is called Firefly. Firefly lasted half of a season on television, but this does not mean it is not a show worth checking out. In fact, I like it even better than Buffy or Angel (and I am a huge fan of BTVS).

Firefly tells the story of a world where earth is no longer inhabitable. People have moved to other planets and moons which are all controlled by the alliance. Serenity, captained by Malcolm Reynolds features a rough and tough band of rebels who don’t exactly agree with the Alliance and their philosophies. Some of you might be thinking Firefly sure sounds a lot like Star Wars or Star Trek….. While there are some similarities, I feel the show is something completely original–a mixture between science fiction and western. The best part of the show is the unbelievable witty writing and perfectly casted set of characters. Never have I found a show where I truly loved every character.

While the show was canceled, a huge showing of fan support allowed Whedon to continue the story with a full-length motion picture called Serenity. The show can be watched for FREE on hulu by clicking here.

Below you will find two Firefly themed videos. The second video is a trailer for the movie Serenity.

Did you watch Firefly? Do you think it is worth checking out?

The latest news from the Twi-verse …

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* Peter Facinelli held a meet-and-greet with fans in Portland, Oregon this weekend (after a convention was canceled last minute). Since the convention had been planned as a fundraiser for Doernbecher Children’s Hosptial, Facinelli made his event a fundraiser for the hospital as well. Fans raised $5,000 dollars … and Peter matched every cent, giving Doernbecher a $10,000 donation!

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* David Slade is tweeting again about Eclipse rehearsals, this time with Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson and Billy Burke:

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* The Twilight Moonlighter is giving away some great prizes — some beautiful jewelry from Bella Bejeweled. She’s also giving away an iPhone app loaded with RPattz goodies via T5M.

* Also, don’t forget to check out:

EXCLUSIVE interview with Cassandra Clare

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Regulars here at NNT may have noticed lately that I’ve been doing double duty recently — writing articles as the Portland Books Examiner at Since we talk a lot about books here at NNT, there has been some crossover. That continues now, with my exclusive interview with Cassandra Clare!

Why do you think there is such a crossover of fans between The Mortal Instruments and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga?cassandra clare

I suppose because our books explore similar themes of forbidden love and destiny in an contemporary-fantastic context.

Novel Novice Twilight is an education-based site, and in all our interviews we always ask: What was your educational experience like growing up? Did you ever have a teacher who really made a difference?

I went to a very small private high school with a focus on arts and literature. The woman who had actually founded the school did a single private writing session each year with a student; you had to apply to get the class. I did it my junior year, and she taught me a lot. I still have all these annotated books she gave me with careful notes about plot, metaphor, character, arc, change, all that stuff.

You can view the rest of my interview with Cassandra HERE … where she talks more about City of Fallen Angels, the fourth book in The Mortal Instruments series and her trilogy of prequels, The Infernal Devices.

And stay tuned … next week NNT will be launching our new September-October Fan Fiction challenge with prizes from The Mortal Instruments!

See more from The Mortal Instruments at NNT here.