The all-new “New Moon” movie trailer!

news update volturi

Here’s the leaked New Moon trailer that’s showing with “Sorority Row” … watch if you want, or wait until Sunday, for the extended version shown at the MTV VMAs. The choice is yours:

Tell us in the comments … what did you think of the trailer? Favorite part?

Or, if you didn’t watch … why did you choose to wait?


5 Responses

  1. AWESOME!! I thought the Eward “visions” were going to be over the top cheesey, but whoah! They’re great!!

  2. I love the underwater part….

    • Yeah it’s so nice… so romantic, beautiful… it’s exactly how I imagined it – with him floating upside down beside her. 🙂 So sweet.

  3. I’m sorry but I didn’t like how she was screaming from the nightmares… sounded exactly the same as when the venom was going through her and it’s just not how I pictured it at all. I know everyone has different images but I was thinking it was more like her waking up from the dreaming screaming not screaming while the dream is occuring….Only thing I didn’t like…oh and Jacob being so possesive when she’s going to Edward’s aid….that wasn’t cool. =(

  4. i DID NOT like the screaming. it was scary and demented. everything else was awesome. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything with jacob and the wolves. and the battle with the wolves and laurant, i was like, woah. it was heka awesome, i almost had a panic attack i cant wait until there is a better version at the VMAs tonite and i also cant wait for this frakin’ movie to come out. i am so excited i might have a stroke!!

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