Reports from the 2009 MTV VMAs …

mtv vmas 09

Check here for the latest Twilight Saga-related news from the 2009 MTV VMAs … we’ll be updating this post as new reports, photos, videos, etc. are released!

** Watch MTV’s exclusive, extended New Moon trailer here! **

** Watch Death Cab For Cutie’s New Moon single “Meet Me on the Equinox” here **

** Watch Muse’s bonus VMAs performance! **

VMAs Show Coverage:

* The show has begun (on the east coast, at least) … MTV is live blogging from the 2009 VMAs:

10:27pm – Backstage: Robert Pattinson is skinny in real life — vampires really don’t eat food, I guess. And Kristen looks like a tiny ice skater.

10:23pm — After the New Moon trailer airs, R.Patz and crew are whisked backstage, photogs trailing a few steps behind. When Pattinson finally dodges them, he gets a few secs to chug a beer and watch Beyonce’s performance, bobbing his head to the beat.

10:02pm – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are 12 feet away. I cannot confirm or deny that they will go home together.

9:56pm – Perez Hilton and Hayley Williams are both trying to start a #TeamTaylor trend on Twitter.

News Stories:

* Muse in talks with New Moon director about joining soundtrack

* “The Twilight Saga” at the MTV VMAs recap report

* MTV’s shot-by-shot analysis of the new, extended New Moon trailer

* RadarOnline has a video of Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner talking about New Moon from the VMAs red carpet

* Ashley Greene’s best-dressed list includes Taylor Lautner and others

* Taylor Lautner at the VMAs (his look & what performance he’s most looking forward to)

Red Carpet (Pre-Show) Coverage:

* Watch MTV live from the red carpet now online!

* MTV’s VIP camera on the red carpet

* MTV live blogging from the red carpet:

8:17 – Taylor Lautner tells Ashley Greene he is excited to see Taylor Swift and Janet Jackson. He says he hasn’t seen the “New Moon” trailer, so is just as excited as the fans are.

7:40 – Paramore just showed up! Pop punk is everywhere! Hayley is wearing a mod-looking black-and-white leather skirt with black T-shirt. Super hot!

7:26 – With everybody distracted by Katy Perry, the guys from Muse slip by undetected. All Time Low follow behind them, followed by Tracy Morgan (in a white T-shirt) and Wale, who is wearing a massive crushed-velvet bow tie and matching cap.

6:57 – Ashley Greene just emerged in her second outfit of the night: Black silk top, avant-garde cranberry skirt and pinstriped tights.

6:53 – Robert Pattinson isn’t even here yet, but some of the girls in the fan area have already started chanting, “Robert! Robbbbb-berrrrrt! Robbbb-berrrrrrrt!”

6:30 – The red carpet has opened and the night’s fashion correspondent Ashley Greene is all dazzled up in a gold skirt, black top with ruffles and exposed zipper in the back. She’s rocking killer zebra shoes. This will be her first look of the night.

6:00 – Ashley Greene is no more than 40 inches in front of me. Her hair is a La Winehouse beehive, except much saner.


* On Stage:

0909131036552009mtvvmas016 0909131036562009mtvvmas015 0909131036562009mtvvmas017

* Backstage:


* MTV has screen grabs from the extended New Moon trailer:

nm2 nm3 nm4 nm5 nm6 nm7 nm8  nm10
See more here.

* Red Carpet Arrivals:

ashley-greene-90708896 ashley-greene-pg50330 taylor lautner vmas taylor lautner vmas2

See more photos HERE at MTV and HERE at Lion&LambLJ

* MTV’s VMAs landmarks (the Twilight entries!):

mtv vmas twilight landmark

mtv vmas muse landmark

Tell us your thoughts on all things VMAs in the comments!


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