Post-VMAs & other Monday Twi-News

making headlines2

* MTV recaps secrets revealed in the new, extended New Moon trailer … some interesting thoughts.

* This is technically from our VMAs news coverage … but it’s worthy of reposting here. Muse is in talks to have a song included on the New Moon soundtrack! Say it with me: YAY!!!

* Get all of our VMA coverage HERE … but here are the biggies:

* We have lots of photos from last night in our main VMAs post, but here’s one of our favorite trio as they presented the New Moon trailer:


Can I just say, I LOVE Kristen’s new haircut, and I think they all looked fabulous!!

* PLUS … Kaleb Nation (aka the Twilight Guy) has posted a fantastic video expressing his outrage over the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident:

Read more about it HERE.

Okay NNTers … tell us your thoughts about last night’s VMAs in the comments! What did you think of the show in general? What was your favorite performance? What did you think of the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident? What did you think of the extended New Moon trailer? How about Ashley Greene as fashion correspondent? And how awesome was Muse’s performance?


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  1. i agree with you kanye west was a ****** last night! His mother would be sooo disapointed in him! like you i was disgusted by his actions, but many thanks to beyonce for her classy actions and saving the night! Go beyonce!!!!! Go taylor!!!! congrats on your award!!!!

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