Top 5 Favorite Moments in “New Moon”

As part of our contribution to Open Book Society’s New Moon book club for September, we’ve put together a list of our Top 5 Favorite Moments from New Moon … take a look, and then tell us your favorite moments in the comments!

5. Carlisle’s conversation with Bella

This is such a pivotal moment in New Moon — it sets up the reasons for Edward’s very drastic reaction to the disastrous birthday party. And though it doesn’t excuse his actions, it puts his actions into context. Carlisle also gives Bella a lot to think about in regards to her own desires to become a vampire … she knows what she wants, but she hasn’t really thought about all the consequences and what her transformation would mean to Edward.

4. Jacob notices Bella’s scar

Though a small moment, this is one of my personal favorites. This scene happens during the awkward three-way date between Jacob, Bella and Mike Newton. While Mike is in the bathroom being sick, Jake sits with Bella and picks up her hand. He comments on her funny scar (the scar from James) and notices that her skin is a little cooler there. It’s only later, after he becomes a werewolf and finally believes the Quileutes stories, that he connects the scar’s odd characteristics to a vampire bite. I find this moment both poignant and touching.

3. Cliff diving & Jacob’s rescue

A crucial scene in New Moon — this is the moment that dictates the course of events for the rest of the novel. Without Bella’s cliff-diving, Alice would never have come back to Forks and Edward never would have gone to Italy. Many have wondered what would have happened if Bella had never jumped (and in fact, that subject has been the starting off point for countless fan fiction entries). This moment is also the driving force behind Bella’s decision to try and let Edward go, and give a relationship with Jacob a chance … of course, a certain phone call interrupts them and stops Bella from taking that next step.

2. The Vote (& Edward’s proposal)

Bella makes her intentions to become a vampire perfectly clear, and makes arrangements for it to happen on her timeline — even if Edward disagrees. Of course, this also leads to another key moment for our heroes: in an effort to delay Bella’s transformation, Edward offers to change her himself, on one condition. The caveat? She must marry him first — and thus we have Edward’s original marriage proposal. (Of course, another proposal follows in Eclipse, when Bella finally accepts.)

1. Bella & Edward’s reunion in Italy

Perhaps one of the most emotionally charged moments in New Moon — Bella and Edward’s reunion in Italy bookends their heartbreaking break-up scene early in the novel. The drama is heightened by Bella’s rush to try and get to Edward in time to save him, as she races across the crowded square and through the water fountain. And then that delicious moment when she collides with him, pushing him back into the shadows, and they kiss. Finally, Edward is back for real!

Of course, there are lots of great moments in New Moon and it’s hard to choose just five favorite moments. Our honorable mentions include Bella’s birthday party, breakfast with the Pack in Emily’s kitchen, riding motorcycles with Jacob and the night Jacob sneaks into Bella’s room.

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What are your favorite New Moon moments? Tell us in the comments!


One Response

  1. 5 Favorite NM moments…that’s tough! Here they are, in chronological order:

    Edward defends Bella from Jasper while fighting his own urge to kill her. The juxtaposition between Edward the monster and Edward the man in love is brought to painful life.

    Bella hearing how Charlie knew exactly how much she was suffering. I don’t think she realized how small her world had become until that moment.

    Edward believing Bella was dead (an angel) when she crashed into his arms in Italy. His brief acceptance that maybe he’s not as damned as he thought, and that heaven may yet be attainable, is a major turning point for his character. This is what Bella points out to him at the very end of the book, leaving him speechless. Probably my favorite moment in the book.
    **BTW: In the book Edward and Bella don’t actually kiss on the lips in Italy – that’s only in the movie.

    Bella’s epiphany, and Edward’s relief. She realizes that he’s always loved her. All his worries vanish in that moment and he kisses her – more intense than the kiss in her bed, I think, because it’s less desperate. All the walls between them are gone finally gone (for the moment).

    “That’s none of your business.” From the Epilogue. All of eclipse is wrapped up in that scene, really. Bella makes her choice but has regrets, Edward learns about his rival and that Bella has real feelings for Jake, Jake’s worst fears are confirmed but he sees a glimmer of hope. In the end, Bella goes with Edward, mostly happy, and Jake is left alone in pain, just like in eclipse. Edward wins Bella, but is always questioning.

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