New Moon Soundtrack News

news alert is reporting the title of The Used’s soundtrack contribution for New Moon. Take40 writes:

When we spoke to Bert McCracken of The Used yesterday, he revealed that a new song of theirs entitled ‘For You I Would’ was set to be the title track!

“It’s gonna be a big deal,” Bert told “We wrote a really awesome original song for the movie.”

Speaking of soundtracks….Muse’s new album Resistance dropped today and it was amazing. Rumor has it that Muse will make it onto the New Moon Soundtrack. So NNT poses this question to Muse fans: what Muse song would you like to see on the soundtrack?

In my humble opinion, I would love Time is Running Out or Resistance from the latest album. Check out Resistance below:


3 Responses

  1. “Starlight” would be my choice

  2. The new Muse album rocks my world.

    According to this report:

    Muse is talking to Chris Weitz about using a track from their new album on the “New Moon” soundtrack. And I am 100% A-okay with that!!

  3. OMG! As soon as I heard “Resistance”, I thought to myself: “This would be perfect for the New Moon soundtrack!” So I’m totally with you there.

    I also have a soft spot for “Sing For Absolution”, just ’cause Stephenie has it on her soundtrack, and it personifies Edward so well.

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