Wednesday Twi-News

news update party

* Ashley Greene says Eclipse will be more guy-friendly because of more action scenes

* Taylor Lautner also talks about more action in Eclipse, and the “darker” aspect of the movie

* Anna Kendrick says she is A-okay without a Robert Pattinson-level of fame

* MTV has posted its report on Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks, Wash., including details about the screening of the “Twilight in Forks” documentary

* Reuters has a new article about how Twilight has made its way into the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records for highest-grossing movie ever from a female director

* The Lexicon has a cool new feature — Wolfpack Wednesdays, when they’ll be giving away photos signed by actors playing members of the Wolfpack in New Moon and Eclipse!

* Wondering about those Twilight-themed goodies from Hallmark mentioned at Comic Con earlier this year? BAE has tracked down the latest info

* Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning are all featured on Moviefone’s “25 Under 25: Hollywood’s Hottest Young Stars” list

* Kellan Lutz is featured in August magazine this month

* Sunday night’s VMAs on MTV were the networks highest-rated ever … the Twilight Examiner discusses whether the New Moon trailer may or may not have played a role in those big numbers

* Open Book Society’s New Moon book club continues today with’s “Top 5 Reasons We’re Team Switzerland”

* And finally, HGE has tracked down this 6.5 minute mash-up of all 3 New Moon trailers, plus some of that leaked Comic Con footage:

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3 Responses

  1. Bella running in Volterra is breathtaking. Literally.

    It’s amazing how much can fit into 6 minutes…

  2. LOVE IT! good work


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