Come & get your Thursday Twi-News!

news flash2

* Lots happening this week on the set of Eclipse it seems … including filming of the newborn army! See reports here:

* Exciting news! The complete track list for the New Moon soundtrack is scheduled to be released tomorrow (Friday)!

* Reelz Channel has added two more clips from their Twilight tour of the Pacific Northwest!

* Now you can buy Bella’s prom dress in the real Port Angeles, Washington. Radar online reports that a Port Angeles dress shop is now selling an exact replica of the dress Bella wears to prom in the Twilight movie

* MTV reports that Australian singer Lee Safar didn’t make the cut for New Moon, but is still being considered for the Eclipse soundtrack

* And for our fellow Muse fans — you can now watch the video for their first single “Uprising” on MTV!

* And for any Paramore fans out there — Hot Topic is hosting listening parties tomorrow (Friday) night for their new album

* E! Online has a new interview with Jack Huston about playing Royce King in Eclipse

* Also, LobotoME is now selling some fun Bite Me notepads featuring a silhouette of Edward Cullen

* You can also read more about the notepads and NNT’s Back to School Week in a new article by Twilight Parents Examiner Kimberly Sherman.

* Kimberly also has an exclusive interview with the director of How to Be, who talks “vintage” Rob Pattinson

Stay tuned later today … we’ll be announcing the winners of our July-August Fan Fiction Challenge AND the winners of our Back to School Week giveaways!

Now tell us your thoughts on today’s Twi-News in the comments!


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