July-August 2009 Fan Fiction Challenge Winners

fan fiction challenge winners

We are excited to announce the winners of our July-August 2009 Fan Fiction Challenge. For this challenge, we asked you to write a missing scene from any of the four Twilight Saga books. And boy, did you deliver! Picking the winners was really tough this go around. Our first, second and third place winners have scored some awesome prizes from Defining Twilight — and all three winners, plus are two runners-up, get this great banner to post with their story:


1. “Torn in Two” by Addicted to Edward
     A heart-breaking account of Leah’s first transformation, leading to Harry Clearwater’s heart attack. This takes place during New Moon, when Bella is off cliff-diving. It gives the reader new insight into the agony inside of Leah, and explains why she is so angry all of the time. After reading this story you’ll understand, she has every right to be angry.

2. “Isabella” by Amy Stone
     While Bella is flying on a plane from Phoenix to Washington, Charlie Swan is back in Forks, Washington preparing for her arrival. A beautiful piece as Charlie reflects on his life with Bella and Renee, and the hope he feels as he prepares for his daughter to arrive.

3. “More Than My Own Life” by SnappleApple450
     This story provides a sweet missing moment from Breaking Dawn, when Bella purchases the locket for Renesme’s Christmas present. A sweet exchange between Bella and the shopkeeper, this story would fit nicely into the text of Breaking Dawn.

Honorable Mention: “Humanity” by j3nn
     A sweet exchange between Rosalie and Emmett on the morning of the wedding in Breaking Dawn — this story shows us how Rosalie came to accept her new sister-in-law and come to terms with Bella’s decision to give up her humanity.

Honorable Mention: “Mice on a SUV” by best with breadsticks
     Humans! A light-hearted story told from Mike Newton’s perspective, this story provides some comic relief — while also giving us a glimpse of what Bella has chosen to leave behind by choosing a life with Edward. It takes place as Mike and the other humans prepare for the graduation party at the Cullens’ house in Eclipse.

Congrats to all our winners … and we hope you enjoy their stories as much as we did!

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5 Responses

  1. I hate Mike so much. Ooohhhh, I’d really love to see his reaction when he learns Bella notices him like she notices dust on the window panes. Pitiful guy, not that he doesn’t deserve it. I’d love to see Edward pummel him. Why doesn’t somebody write about THAT?

  2. People *have* written about that. There are several stories on twilighted and FF.net with that premise.

  3. […] To read and download the winning entries, please visit Twilight Novel Novice […]

  4. num.1 dint deserve it…??..

    she has bad launge in it..??..



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