Two new articles about “Twilight”

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NNT’s very own Libby is a writer by trade … and she’s got two great new articles out about Twilight!

* “How to Dress Like the Ladies of Twilight: Betting on Alice with Forks Vampire Fashion”

For true fans of Twilight and New Moon, fashion is one of the finest elements of the movie to observe – once you can get past the eye candy that is. There is a palpable difference between the two films. Twilight was blue and grey with a cool color scheme and bruise-like clothing to reflect the setting and the characters. New Moon is proving to be warmer, with plenty of browns and golds and ambers, perhaps appropriate to usher in the uber-warm Quileute werewolves of La Push.

But we’re talking fashion here, not hot vamps and buff shape-shifters. So it’s time to focus on the ladies of Forks.

The article includes a break-down of the fashion trends for Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Esme and Victoria.

 See the entire article here.

* “Is Twilight hurting teen relationships?”

Let’s face it. Twilight isn’t the first love story that’s inflated someone’s wants and needs for a relationship. Whether teen or adult, it can sometimes be impossible to ignore the longing for perfection that the fairytale romances of books and the big screen can sometimes leave behind.

See the rest here.

Tell us your thoughts on Libby’s great articles in the comments!


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  1. I really LOVE this book. Its REALLYY AMAZiNG!!!!
    I love spending my time reading the books.
    My FAVORiTE one is Breaking Danw!!

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