“Eclipse” filming week 5 report

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The latest from the set of Eclipse:

The intense love triangle between vampire Edward, werewolf Jacob and their human love interest Bella appears to be heating up on the Vancouver, B.C. set of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” as the fifth week of filming comes to a close. The war between the good vampires – and a bloodthirsty pack of newborn vampires also appears to be taking shape, as director David Slade takes the third movie in the hit series in a darker direction.

Production on the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s third book in the Twilight Saga is moving swiftly – and fans have eagerly been following the process, as they watch and listen for word that some of their favorite scenes are coming to life for the big screen adaptation.

They’ve been getting some of that word directly from Slade – who’s been Tweeting about the filming process from day one. This week, he shared a few choice moments that will surely have fangirls squealing. That includes news that one day of filming involved Taylor Lautner (Jacob) carrying Kristen Stewart (Bella) for several hours

Read my full report HERE!


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