Even MORE Twi-News updates!

from the news desk2

Catching up on some Twi-News this afternoon

* In case you missed it, check out the full New Moon soundtrack list AND new behind-the-scenes photos … plus, listen to Muse’s “I Belong to You,” which will be remixed for the soundtrack

* David Slade is Tweeting again about production on Eclipse:

david slade twitter 09.21

* Also … Ashley Greene has officially joined Twitter

* The Twilight Parents Examiner has an EXCELLENT new interview with Kellan Lutz, who talks about living in the media lense … part 2 of the interview coming soon!

* Some “Saturday Night Live” cast members say they would love to have Rob Pattinson on the show!

* It’s Twilight fashion week at MTV

* CBA has found a great picture of Edward Cullen from an official Volvo website:

edward's volvo

* Let the Twilight/True Blood rivalry cease! True Blood’s Stephen Moyer says there is room for BOTH! (And I agree whole-heartedly)

* Apple now has a Twilight tracker app for the iPhone & iPod

* The Lex has announced its New Moon events!

Okay … comment away, my friends! What catches your eye?


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