New Bella/Edward image & other Twi-News

news headlines alice

* MTV has a new interview with Michael Sheen, who talks about his character in New Moon

* People magazine will have a sneak peek at the Official New Moon Movie Companion book next week, including new still pictures from New Moon, such as this one which was leaked at the Lion & Lamb LJ:

dream run

The book & pictures will also be featured during E! News tonight.

* ET Online reports that Jackson Rathbone was hurt on the set of Eclipse (he’s okay!) … Ashley Greene also assures everyone that he’s okay via her new Twitter account

* Box Office has a new interview with Taylor Lautner about playing Jacob Black

* Stephenie Meyer has updated her official website with news about The Host being optioned for a movie

* MTV breaks down Melissa Rosenberg’s recent interview with E!, and talks about how she says Eclipse will have a darker tone

* Wondering about the Burger King/New Moon promotion? The Lex has all the latest details

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One Response

  1. Aww… that’s such a beautiful scene. I wonder what that is from. Is it Bella dreaming of a future that she thinks is lost (as in… her being equally as beautiful as Edward and also a vampire)? Or is it Alice’s actual vision of The First Hunt from Breaking Dawn?

    Either way… it has this beautiful, ethereal… almost “Tuck Everlasting” quality to it… which I love. ALSO love that movie. Def. a good recommendation for any Twilight fan since it deals with young/first love and choosing immortality versus a normal, short human life… Sooo good. ❤

    It NEEDS to be November nowww ❤

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