“Eclipse” set report, NEW “New Moon” goodies & lots more in today’s Twi-News!

news update new moon

* The Vancouver Sun has a set report from Eclipse, including a photo of Bella & Edward in the silver black Volvo:


Twilight-Gossip also has more photos from this day of shooting.

I still don’t understand the reason for changing the color of the car, but I’ve decided I just don’t care anymore … so long as the rest of the movies are good, the car color really isn’t that big of a deal. No?

* Gossip-Con has more details about the New Moon footage set to air at the Rome Film Festival

* MTV’s Twilight fashion week continues, with a peek at some cute Team Edward and Team Jacob necklaces from Nordstrom’s new line

* Hot Topic is stocking up its New Moon shop with new goodies … yes, that IS a Pocket Jacob (there’s a pocket Alice, too!):

hot topic new moon

* Wondering which Twilight Saga stars have legitimate Twitter accounts? ExtraTV has a nice guide

* E! News last night featured Rob Pattinson and Chaske Spencer:

TY to Twilight Moonlighter for tracking down the video.

WOW! Lots of news today … sound off below in the comments!


6 Responses

  1. I’m so over the car thing too. Hey, Edward likes his cars. Is it that unusual that he’d buy a new one? Probably paid cash, too. 😉

    But didn’t anyone notice that the black car was used in New Moon too? It was right in the trailer.

  2. Okay, I’ll put in my two cents.

    I like the new Volvo. It’s hot. It fits Edward, who would totally upgrade to a new model at some point. The boy loves his cars, after all.

    Secondly, I have GOT to get me a Pocket Alice. She can give me some of her pep when I’m having a slow day. 😉

    And finally, I am seriously going to have to not break the bank when the Nordstrom Twilight line is available for purchase. Every picture I see of the merchandise, I scream, “I want that!”

    So maybe Pocket Alice wouldn’t be such a good idea. She’d just convince me to go shopping with her all the time…

    • Curse you, Pocket Alice!! 😉

      And you’re right about the Volvo … it also occurred to me, that this newer model is much better suited to the rugged terrain & crummy weather we get here in the PacNW.

  3. Someone commented on another site that maybe Volvo gave Summit the car as part of some sort of deal. Wouldn’t surprise me. Volvo would be smart to take advantage of the Twilight hype to expand their audience!

    Edward’s going to look hot in any car he drives, so who cares what color it is? 😉

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