Twi-Works Update


Hello Twilighters!!! 

I know it seems like forever since I’ve posted anything on the site and I’m sorry that I’ve been so busy.  Some of you might not even know me!  I’m Paige and I was one of the orignal creators of Twi-Works here at Twilight Novel Novice.  I’ve been so busy with school, sports, and my other activities that it has literally been months since I’ve checked my Twilight email.  When I opened it last night I found tons of poems, songs, and art that Twilight fans had created!  It brought tears to my eyes that some of the poems had been sitting there, untouched for months.  So now I’d like to apologize to Ms. Truitt and the rest of the Twilight Novel Novice gang for my lack of help over the last months and I would LOVE to continue helping with Twi-Works.  Here are just some of the pieces that I found sitting in my inbox last night…

His golden eyes burn with intensity,
As his skin shimmers;

The others going to phase,
 As his body quivers;

Made to be enemys,
Brought to peace by one girl;

Attempting to get along,
In the super natural world;

-Samantha M

Age: 15
Favorite character: Edward


Here is a charm bracelet that Teresa made!

The two links below should take you to two songs that Gladys wrote!  I really enjoyed reading them myself and hope that the links work! (just comment if they dont and I’ll try to fix it!)

Broken Toy

My Love

Okay, well.  It felt good to post again and leave lots of comments for these Twi-Work artists and authors!

-Paige 🙂


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