Want to Look as Good as Alice?

news flash alice

My latest Twilight-related article at Suite101 is out:  Twilight Makeup for Fans of Twilight, New Moon. Get the full scoop on Volturi Twilight and Luna Twilight makeup from Twilight Beauty, as well as the Twilight Woods fragrance from Bath & Body Works. You can look and smell as sweet as a vampire! Read it all here.

Die-hard fans of Twilight and New Moon can appreciate the beautiful faces of the vampires on screen – plush lips, gold- or red-blazing eyes, and that enviable pale, flawless skin. TwilightBeauty.com has developed two lines of makeup with bite inspired by the sparkly vampires of this saga. Going vamp no longer means going goth – it’s time to get beautiful.

What Twilight beauty product are you just dying to try? I can’t wait to get my hands on the lip venom and the B&BW lotion!


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