Twilight & Philosophy

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Do you think vampires can teach us about the meaning of life?

That’s the premise behind the new book Twilight & Philosphy — which explores philosophy in 484234_cover.inddStephenie Meyer’s best-selling series.

According to the publishers at Wiley, some of the questions the book explores include:

  • What do the struggles of Edward and his family of “vegetarian” vampires to control their biological urge for human blood say about free will?
  • Are vampires morally absolved if they kill only animals and not people?
  • Why does Plato think that Bella should choose Jacob, a werewolf and rival for her affections?
  • Is Jacob “better” for Bella than Edward?
  • Should Edward use his natural ability to read minds?
  • From a feminist perspective, can Edward be a romantic hero or is he just a stalker?

The book is the latest in a series from editor William Irwin, who is a professor of Philosophy at King’s College. The series includes other books about pop cultuer hits — including The Simpsons and Philosophy, Batman and Philosophy and others.

Twilight and Philosophy has a retail price of $17.95. The publishers note it will be available in October, but it is currently available at

Novel Novice Twilight will be reviewing the book — look for that coming soon.

Do you think the book Twilight and Philosophy is a good idea? Have you pondered any of the questions brought up by the book on your own? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


2 Responses

  1. Believe it or not, that issue has already been studied!! I attended a course about Young adult Literature in which we were taught about studies in psichology and filosophy that explain the fascination of teenagers and not so young people with vampires. It was very interesting!!

  2. Because I’ve taken so many advanced english classes. I automatically analyze anything I read. So yes, I think this is legit. I know a few people (such as my roommates) who think that Twilight is badly written. But I know for a fact that it’s rich in symbolism and morals. I’m very interested in seeing what this book says. Maybe I should recommend this to my mom. She got lucky and has to read this for one of her classes. lol But there is one thing I’ve noticed myself that is a big theme. In New Moon (just to show you what a Twihard I am lol) Bella tells Jacob, “It’s not what you are, it’s what you do.” And I think that’s one of the main themes of the entire book. The Cullens may be vampires… which is a stereotypically evil creature, but they have found a way to kill that stereotype, even to the point where they use their thirst to control predator population. So, like I said, I think this book is an awesome idea.

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