“New Moon” soundtrack sampler, new “New Moon” posters, comic books & other Twi-News

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* The New Moon Soundtrack doesn’t come out until mid-October, but you can sample yet another song from the album — just head to Anya Marina’s MySpace page to hear her single, “Satellite Heart.” Meanwhile, the sountrack is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

* Yahoo! has an exciting collection of brand-new New Moon movie posters! Here’s a preview (click thumbnails to view full-size):

new moon new poster1 new moon new poster2 new moon new poster3

* MTV has a great new interview with Anna Kendrick about working on the Twilight Saga movies. She also discusses the super fast rise to fame she & her costars have experienced, and says that hasn’t changed them.

* The LA Times has a new interview with Robert Pattinson and his cover image from An Other Man magazine.

* The Vancouver Sun has an article about the Canadian Mounted Police helping to block off set locations for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse  in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

* The Twilight Parents Examiner has a fantastic interview with the writer and artist behind the upcoming Female Force: Stephenie Meyer comic book:

Writer Ryan Burton and artist David MacNeil teamed up to create a book about Stephenie Meyer, the queen of Twilight, due out just in time to ride the wave of hype before New Moon debuts November 20.

Ryan’s wife was excited when she discovered her husband’s next project through BlueWater Productions. “I give her a hard time; apparently it’s extremely popular,” says Ryan. “I haven’t read the series yet. I’ve only watched the movie heard of what’s happened. My wife is my main source of Twilight information.”

Fortunately for Ryan, the comic book is based solely on Stephenie Meyer’s life, and not the Twilight Saga. “It’s an intellectual property, so if we were to write anything about Twilight in the comic, it becomes problematic,” says Ryan. “Seeing how she is a public figure, we can write about her, however. My entire focus is on her and not the Twilight series.”

See the full interview here.

* Speaking of said comic book … the publishers have created another special edition cover of the Stephenie Meyer: Female Force issue for a Forks, Wash. retailer:

Forks, WA based 98331 GEAR has teamed up with Blue Water Productions to release a stephenie_meyer_2nd_exclusivespecial edition of the highly popular Female Force comic book featuring Stephenie Meyer.

“We are very excited for this opportunity to work with such talented artists. At 98331 GEAR we pride ourselves on having high quality, unique items for Twilight fans to purchase”, said Staci Chastain, one of the owners. “We carry very few of the mass produced merchandise, opting to carry higher-end versions. Our clientele is finicky and we like that about them. This is why we chose to team up with BlueWater Productions when approached. They offered a totally unique cover to a wildly popular comic book”.

The title is being drawn by Dave MacNeil and the 98331 GEAR cover is painted by Matt Bellisle. The first Exclusive cover for another Forks store, “DAZZLED BY TWILIGHT” which was done by Azim.

Chastain continues, “We are very excited about our cover, we feel the artist really took our request to be different to heart in designing it. Already we have people asking when the graphic novels will be available for purchase. And for those of you who want to have something just a bit more exclusive we will also be offering a very limited edition foil cover. There will only be 100 of these EVER made so get your hands on them while you can as they most definitely will not last”.

* The Twilight Examiner has a nice wrap-up of the Fantasy TwiLife event in Orlando, FL.

* Our friends at Open Book Society have compiled a list of the Top 10 New Moon merchandise

Okay NNTers — LOTS of delightful news goodies this morning. Soundtrack samples, beautiful new posters, great new interviews … tell us your thoughts on all of it in the comments!


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