Soundtrack “extras”


Over on ITunes, you can pre-order the New Moon Soundtrack…but what is more interesting, at least to me, are the “exclusive” songs on the Itunes version of the soundtrack. Itunes offered special tracks when fans purchased the Twilight soundtrack from their site and it appears they are doing the same with New Moon. The soundtrack includes exclusive tracks from:

Lupe Fiasco

Amadou and Mariam

AND the two classical pieces below. Hmmm where do you think these fit in the movie?

6 Responses

  1. You know… I really, REALLY wish they wouldn’t do this to me.

    I already pre-ordered the soundtrack from Atlantic Records, and now iTunes has to offer more songs if you pre-order from them. Grr. >.<

    • I agree. It’s obnoxious. Same with the various versions of the DVDs. You’d have to buy, like, 5 different versions to get all the bonus features. And they’re getting away with it, cause so many fans just want it all that they’ll actually pop for all the different versions. I felt silly enough buying the Target DVD for “Twilight” when I’d already gotten a free copy at work.

  2. … LUPE FIASCO!?
    the RAPPER?

    I mean… I have nothing against rap as a genre… but I don’t see where Lupe Fiasco is going to fit… O_o Maybe with the wolves? I can’t imagine the Volturi would be listening to Lupe Fiasco…

    OH WAIT! Bella! In the car on the way to Port Angeles switches the radio station to Rap and Jessica gets all weirded out.

    sweet. 😛

  3. I think they might put those songs for the volturi like as music they would hear (background music)

  4. Wait they’re putting Amadou and Mariam?! They’re like SO awesome… where would that fit?! 😮

  5. The first one, no idea. It’s very fast-paced and light-hearted. I have no idea where it would fit in the movie. Maybe one of the slower parts in the background while they are at the Volturi’s lair???? It could be just a tiny bit, too, like they did with the scene in Twilight where Bella goes to the Cullen house the first time and they are cooking her Italian food. There was Italian music playing in the background. So it could be like music playing at Emily’s house, or something Billy’s listening to or something. But, in general, it doesn’t seem to fit with the mood of New Moon.

    The second one, I could imagine when Bella is racing to save Edward, and it’s in slow motion and there’s all the people in red in front of her…Or when she’s drowning after cliff-diving. It’s so sad and haunting.

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