Wednesday Twi-News

making headlines volturi

* Yesterday, we told you about pre-ordering the New Moon Soundtrack on iTunes, and some extras that come with it. Now you can also pre-order the New Moon Score from composer Andre Desplat.

* has a new interview with Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri in New Moon (he’s the one with Alice in our news banner above!)

* ReelzChannel has posted its video spotlights on the Quileute Nation … great stuff!

* Twilight the Movie Game is now available for AT&T wireless devices …

* MTV has a new article about Robert Pattinson’s overnight rise to “sex symbol” status, and looks at other male stars with similar experiences — both positive and negative

* Hot Topic will be releasing lots of new New Moon merchandise tomorrow. Catch a preview on their website:

ht new moon preview

* MTV has an article about those gorgeous new New Moon posters we showed you yesterday — featuring the Cullens, the Volturi and the Wolf Pack.

* TwilightersAnonymous has discovered that Robert Pattinson will be on the December cover of SciFi Magazine.

* The Lex has posted Wolf Pack Wednesday week 3 … go stop by to win a cool prize!

* HGE has tracked down two new movie stills — one of Billy Black and another of Laurent:

billy black laurent

Okay NNTers … comment away!


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