Winners of the “Defining Twilight” Essay Contest

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Brian Leaf has finally announced the winners of his Defining Twilight Essay Contest. It ran all summer-long and he received over 750 entries. Wow! From Brian, here are the winners:

Essays were judged on correct and effective use of the eight vocabulary words; creativity; clear communication of ideas; and correct syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. After reading and rereading, we have selected the following winners. Congrats!

Ages 13-15

1st  Place ($500 and a copy of Defining Twilight)Sabrina Alvarez

2nd Place ($50 and a copy of Defining Twilight)Catie Asip, Brittany Tayler Huber, Rachel Shafran, Sabrina Alvarez


Ages 16-18

1st  Place ($500 and a copy of Defining Twilight): McKelvey Packard

2nd Place ($50 and a copy of Defining Twilight): Kevin Johnson, Anita Suen, Meagan Osburn, Cheyenne Elisio


Ages 19+

1st  Place ($500 and a copy of Defining Twilight)Lynda Yates

2nd Place ($50 and a copy of Defining Twilight): Aimee Petersen, Emily Ford, Jennie Church Morehead, Jennifer McKee


We will be announcing the next Essay Contest soon.

Didn’t win? Don’t worry — there are other chances to win cool prizes from Brian Leaf and Defining Twilight. Just become a fan of the Defining Twilight Facebook Page to get alerts and notifications about new contests and giveaways, or check out his website. And look for Brian’s next book, Defining New Moon, due out in mid-October!


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