Must-Read! The Vampire Is Just Not That Into You

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I wouldn’t classify my utter delight with the new book The Vampire Is Just Not That Into You up there with my obsession with Edward, but anyone who loves Twilight as much as I do will adore this little book (particularly its many veiled references to Mr. E.C. himself). The first time I opened it up, I landed on the Vampire Zodiac Chart. Thirty seconds later – I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.VAMPIRE_frontjacket

You may not think Twilight is a laughing matter – but sometimes you have to look at yourself and say, “Self, stop taking these vamps so seriously and realize just how silly you are.” While this book is supposed to help you wean yourself off of your vampire addiction, it just made mine that much stronger. How can you not love something that helps you forget about every other thing that’s been clouding up your days?

Here’s an excerpt from my full book review at Suite101:

Sometimes when a vampire says, “I want to suck your blood,” he doesn’t really mean it literally. The Vampire Is Just Not That Into You translates vampire-speak and body language (whether he’s talking, emailing, texting, brooding, or ignoring your neck) so his message can be truly understood (after all, women are from Venus and vampires are from Forks, or Volterra, or Louisiana). Handy bonus: pick-up lines that’ll make a vampire hot.

Compromise is a crucial relationship component whether one or both people have blood pumping through their veins and Mezrich (one of the legion of the undead himself) explains how a human can negotiate their needs with those of the vampire. He was even open-minded enough to include a few tips from an over-protective vampire slayer!

Scholastic was nice enough to send me an image of one of my favorite sections in the book, featured below (all of the pics in this post are illustrations from The Vampire Is Just Not That Into You, copyright 2009 by Scholastic, Inc.). The book is available at bookstores nationwide and on Amazon!


Have you read The Vampire Is Just Not That Into You? Or do you plan on buying it? Share your thoughts, and your laughter!


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  1. I’m laughing just looking at that one illustration … I MUST get this book!

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