Thursday Twi-News

news alert volturi

* Loads of brand-new New Moon merchandise is now for sale at Hot Topic

* Creation Entertainment has some new Twilight Saga headshots for sale … they’re also adding new cities to their official Twi-Tour

* In a new interview with MTV, Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley calls the Twilight comparisons inevitable (but notes that his character, Stefan, was around long before Edward Cullen)

UPDATE: Here’s the announcement from Hot Topic:

hot topic new moon2

Okay NNTers … tell us in the comments, which of the new New Moon merchandise are you most tempted by?


2 Responses

  1. I already placed an order at Nordstrom for a “Team Edward” tee and the teal “Bet You Can’t Read My Mind” tee. 😉

    I was tempted – quite strongly, actually – to buy more, but I refrained. For the time being. I may hit up the local Hot Topic to see if they have what’s on the site available in stores. Pocket Alice is calling to me, lol.

    Oh, BTW: did anybody else see the Cullen Crest ring that is supposedly a prop replica of BELLA’S ring?? I found that tidbit rather interesting…

    • About the ring — ME TOO! And the “Edward Masen” ring, too. I’m so intrigued now …

      As for the stuff … well, agh, I hate that I’m tempted by so much. It just got worse for me, having discovered that Torrid (the plus-size version of Hot Topic) is now also carrying Bella’s party dress and her courderoy hoodie, too. My Christmas wish list may be expanding …

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