New KStew interview & Friday Twi-News

news bella

* The new issue if Interview magazine is out with a really excellent new interview with Kristen Stewart, conducted by actor Dennis Hopper. MTV has a preview:

“The movies aren’t that dark, as much as we’d all have loved to have made those films. But as pretty as it is to watch and as nice as it is to have watched these two characters find solace in each other, everything around them is absolute chaos,” she offered. “I mean, you have to question their motivations — to watch two people so unhealthily devoted to each other … I stand behind everything that they do. I have to justify it in my mind or else I couldn’t play the character. But they are definitely not the most pragmatic characters.”

See more here, and see the full feature in Interview here.

* Yesterday, we told you about the new New Moon merchandise for sale now at Hot Topic … their sister store Torrid is also now selling plus-sized New Moon clothing.

* Reelz Channel has posted the second part of its Quileute Special on Twilight Weekly: Spotlight … it includes actress Tinsel Korey talking about the time she spent with the tribe

Coming later today — Team Switzerland Day! Meanwhile … share your thoughts on the latest Twi-News in the comments below.


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