Friday’s Tweets From the Twi-Verse!

tweets from the twi-verse

Here are today’s tweets from our favorite stars!  Are you following them?

Don’t forget to Novel Novice Twilight is on twitter now, too!  You can follow us here.


goin to chicago….come say hi if you around


Day off from filming. Dipping down to LA for a few hours to put up Halloween decorations and surprise the kids. Shhh.

Home from the office. Good day today. Played veterinarian helping one of your favorite wolves.


Just to set the record straight. I was never in LaPush for Stephenie Meyer Day. I was in La Push to spend time with …

Nope… still haven’t found Oprah… any thoughts? …

I miss LaPush 😦 …

Why do I have to say Zee? It’s Zed! Come on, help a Canadian oot and don’t make me say Zee when using the l …


special hello to my Irish fans who made sure people knew where to find me on Twitter 🙂

packing for Australia!!!!! I am on my way! see you soon!

making a peace promise.I promise to listen for how great people are today.wanna play? go to and start the free program


I think I found my new favorite tv show….Kat Von D is hysterical.


Playing with wolves today. Tomorrow–Niagara Falls and the NAMMYS!


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