Saturday’s Tweets from the Twi-Verse

tweets from the twi-verse

Bronson Pelletier (aka Jared) does not have a twitter account.  If you’re following him, you’re following a fake!


Gonna be in Harrisburg, PA tomorrow. Come c me if ure in that neck of the woods. Speaking of woods, guess where I am?

Heading back to Vancouver. It was a brief visit home but worth every moment.


Questions, Answers, Signing till my arm almost fell of, Singing, all worth it to see happy smiles on all the Twifan …

There you go folks… the SCAR pic is up, Chicago fans first to see it. Was a long but awesome day! …


then straight to Detroit ROCK CITY for my other movie. For all u swooning girlies out there… RobPatz was looking especially darling tonite

Just wrapped what i THOUGHT was gonna be my last day on Eclipse. Oh, how wrong i was. Gotta come back Monday for more fun & games…


Soooo tired…filming yesterday and then went straight to VIFF lol, had to get ready on set

Who’s your favorite star to follow?


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