Tuesday Morning Edition

news alert volturi

* Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius) talks about his roles in New Moon and jamiecampbell-caiusHarry Potter at the Sitges Festival in Spain.  Read the translated interview here.

“I’m prepared for anything, I’ll take it as it comes. In fact do not consider myself a celebrity and I do not understand what is going on. It is an honor that people want to take pictures with me and ask me for autographs, but for me it is incomprehensible.”

* The Examiner has an article about Peter Facinelli at the Harrisburg mall, including a slideshow.

* Robert Pattinson as Prince Harry?  According to The Improper, it’s possible!

* Spike TV, of all channels, will be airing never-before-seen New Moon footage during the Scream 2009 Awards.  Read Spike TV’s press release here.   The Scream 2009 Awards will be aired on Tuesday, October 27th from 10pm-Midnight (ET/PT).

* Believe it or not, MTV is hosting a contest for the best Robert Pattinson  pumpkin carving.  The deadline is October 23 – so get carving!  The winner, announced on October 30, will get to write their own Hollywood Crush post about the lovely Robert Pattinson.  Look for some pumpkin carving tips here at Novel Novice Twilight later in the month!


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