Monday’s Twi-News (with pictures!)

news update party

* When will Breaking Dawn begin filming? Where will it be filmed? Nothing is official yet, but rumor has it the movie could start shooting next year back in Oregon.

* The Sydney Morning Herald has a new interview with Rob Pattinson

* Tu magazine also has an interview & photoshoot with Rob Pattinson … translation courtesy TwilightPoison

* Borders has released a whole batch of fun New Moon merchandise

* Hot Topic is also expanding its line of New Moon merchandise, including themed skins for iPods and iPhones

* has a great new interview with Ashley Greene

* The Lion&Lamb LJ has scanned an issue of People magazine with the first official photo from Eclipse:

eclipse_people scan

PLUS … two new stills from New Moon:

new moon_people scan1

new moon_people scan2

* Reelz Channel reminds you that there is still a little time left to enter their Ultimate Team Edward/Team Jacob fan search

* Still planning your Halloween costume? Check out NNT’s Twilight Saga Halloween Costume Guide for ideas!

* TwilightPoison has also updated its Halloween costume guide:

Okay NNTers … lots of news & pretty new photos today! Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


One Response

  1. Ooh, ooh! *jumps up and down, clapping* An “Eclipse” pic!!! It’s so pretty! 😀

    That is my favorite book in the entire series. I hope it turns out well… but judging from this pic, it seems like everything is heading in the right direction.

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