Catching up with the stars!

tweets from the twi-verse

We’ve got a bunch of twitter updates to catch up on, but the most exciting news of all may be that Summit Entertainment allegedly has an official Twitter account for Twilight, as we reported below.

Twilight – A Twitter exclusive! – From Chris Weitz – The sound mixing stage!

Next week, look out for the first official scene on Entertainment Tonight & iTunes!

The final run time of The Twilight Saga: New Moon is 2 hours and ten minutes!

From Chris Weitz – Hi! Welcome to the official New Moon twitter account. This is my first ever tweet so be gentle with me.


Full night shoot week ends, so I am still getting my mind clear for daylight. We shot a lot with Xavier Samuels who is a joy to direct.

I started shooting these pics with a D80 and now use a D700. I also Use an analogue film camera, a Nikon F3, all with Nikkor lenses.

Answering much asked photo question: I use a few camera formats, I rely on my Nikkor lenses, acquired over the years mostly from the 1960s – scratchy branches – nature walk again – nature walking – This afternoon nature walk, first day off in as long as I can remember. – Monochrome grass stalks near the Swan residence image set at 1280×1024 desktop size.

Just wrapped our last night shoot. Shot with Nikki Reed and Jack Huston all night. Now buzzing and unable to sleep. – Between takes we hung out with the Swans: – Rain and night shoot.

THe rain is coming from a giant rain machine, but still, none the less brutal to work in. – Shooting in punishing rain, night shoots throw you into pseudo jet lag.


Just woke up with a smile. The GATORS rocked it last night and Jason Mraz was once again AMAZING!

oooohhh peter… it was a little rough but me and Atland will teach you one day!!@peterfacinelli


Ok going on a field trip now with the Volturi’s to some famous bridge in Sydney…. toodles…mmmmm Tim Tams…delicious

If you get a chance check out Australian film “Samson and Delilah” might be hard for younger kids to watch but very powerful.

Vegemite and tickle fights with Volturi and Werewolves are awesome!!! lmao. …

A croc didn’t get me, but a Koala did, check out my myspace if you want to see the picture.


Crossfire video is also on Myspace at

Nice video of me playing Crossfire by Stevie Ray Vaugh with The Nova Echo at Orlando Eyecon.

Join me on MySpace:

Join me on Facebook: :

Yes, youtube too. Http://— @strawberrybalu

Sorry…no girlfriend in Orlando…people sometimes see only what they want to see.

Love the cast, We’re like family. @RenataMirandoli

Dressing up as Billy Black for Halloween. lol @Nanavette

My filming is done. @esteethomas

Hey there British Fans…. @treen78 will see you all soon.


getting ready to head back to the states soon…sure will miss the AUSSIES

sydney that is…way late over here

perth, brisbane and sysdey in a week….nothing like Australia hopping….having a great time down under

Had a great time at the PERTH ZOO…wolfpack leader visiting real wolves VERY cool


At gymnastics with my 3 yr old. Gonna work on my cartwheels and sommersaults while I’m here. Maybe I’ll get some stickers if I do good.

Its been too long since I’ve been on a plane. Think I’ll fly to Nevada tomorrow.

Ran straight from the woods to the airport. Back in LA for a few days. Good to home.

Fast at work. Literally. Running through the woods all day today.

Yes. Normally it’s called a somersault. But when I try it, it’s usually a tumblesault.

My flights delayed. Now I leave at 1AM, land at 4AM. then go to work. Exciting! Sitting here trying to figure out what to be for Halloween.

I posted an exclusive photo to my iphone app.

Finished Nurse Jackie for the week. Heading back to Vancouver tonight. Tomorrow shooting Eclipse, bright and early. 🙂


Best acting advice I’ve ever heard “Just suck your stomach in and tell them the truth.” Thanks Cheske your words got me through Eclipse!!

I might change my name to “boomerang” sounds manly plus introductions will be fun “this is my friend boomerang he always comes around.”

Just drying off from the photo shoot was in a pool all day. I didn’t feel too sexy though I felt more like a dog who accidentally fell in.

heading out to a photo shoot for people magazine. I hope they let me keep clothes on…I ain’t in La Push anymore!!

He didn’t take it as well as Kristen his reaction was priceless.

just finished my interview with E! I was asked how I portrayed Paul…so I started strangling him seemed like a Paul thing to do.

sorry meant great Questions not answers.

Cool I got some great talking points for my E! interview. Don’t quite know when they plan to air it but thanks for the great answers.

going to Armani exchange for some shopping and an interview with E! Is there anything you’d really liked answered about filming new moon?

My flights delayed. Now I leave at 1AM, land at 4AM. then go to work. Exciting! Sitting here trying to figure out what to be for Halloween.

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