Celebrating Halloween with the Twilight Saga

halloween tricks and treats

It’s time to celebrate the season of tricks & treats, Twilight-style!

Check out our guide for costume & decorating ideas, Twilight-themed Halloween treats, spooky movies with your favorite Twilight stars, Twilight Saga pumpkin carving ideas, Halloween-themed downloads & more … plus see additional links at the bottom of this post!


bella's party dressWant to dress like Bella, Edward, or Jacob? Maybe one of the Cullens, the Wolf Pack or the Volturi? Check out NNT’s 2009 Twilight Saga Halloween Costume Guide for tips and links! Our guide includes tips for clothing, hair, makeup and accessories for all of your favorite Twilight Saga characters — including the latest looks from New Moon.

Your Twilight costume skills could also win you a prize. Enter HGE’s Twilight costume contest from now through November 2nd.


Don’t just “wreck the halls” for Halloween; dress them up Twilight-style. Sure, black and orange are traditional Halloween colors. But why not try a decorationscombination of black, red and white for an eerie, yet Twilight-y look. Here are some ways you can incorporate a Twilight color scheme into your decorations:

  • flower arrangements
  • balloons
  • streamers
  • candies (You can buy individual colors of M&Ms)
  • paper party goods (napkins, plates, etc.)
  • ribbons
  • candles
  • red delicious apples

Or you could go for a more kitschy look by decorating only with vampires — not just the Cullens, but any Halloween vampire (even good ol’ Dracula).

See more ideas in our Party Guide.


Let’s start with the essential Halloween treat: candy! There are several Twilight treats to whet your appetite — including The Twilight Saga: New Moon chocolates and Twilight true blood bottlesSweethearts. Check local stores like FYE, Suncoast, Hot Topic, Blockbuster, etc. for other New Moon treats. More goodies are showing up in stores every day. You could also go sort of kitschy and offer wax vampire teeth. (I know, I know … Twilight vampires don’t have fangs. But it’s Halloween! Let’s have a little fun!) You could also create your own wrappers — by printing out photos from Twilight and New Moon and taping them over the wrappers of other Halloween candies.

vampire wineYou could even create a Twilight-themed goody bag: fill it with candies, band aids (in case of any paper cuts), and small trinkets — such as keychains, stickers, bookmarks, etc.

If you’re hosting a party, you can also put together some “bloody” foods — like spaghetti, with extra tomato sauce, and ice cream or waffles drenched in strawberry sauce. Or go for a more traditional Twilight fare, with mushroom ravioli.

Creepy beverages also abound. For the 21 & older set, try Vampire wine for a kick (it’s not the best bottle of wine you’ll ever have, but it’s not bad, either). If you don’t mind a little vampire crossover, you can also purchase bottles of True Blood from the HBO shop (the bottles look just like the ones on the TV show, but actually contain blood orange soda). There are also a bevvy of strawberry- and cherry-flavored drinks with an eerie reddish hue. Grenadine syrup mixed with clear liquids can also give you a “bloody” looking beverage.


Several of your favorite Twilight stars have also starred in some creepy movies, perfect for Halloween. Here’s your guide to those movies (with trailers included):

The Messengers with Kristen Stewart

Prom Night with Kellan Lutz

Dread with Jackson Rathbone

The Unborn with Cam Gigandet

The Haunted Airman with Rob Pattinson


Dress up your desktop for the Halloween holiday with these spooky downloads from NNT’s Stephanie & Sara. As always, click to view full-size, then right-click to save:




halloween trick or treat bella and edward

halloween howl

halloween dreams

halloween trick or treat

Here are some of Stephanie’s creations for widescreen monitors (click thumbnails to view full-size):

NNTHalloween_Cullens_Monster1680 NNTHalloween_Volturi_SomethingWicked1680 NNTHalloween_WolfPack_YoureAWolf1680


new moon pumpkinNNT’s Christie is a pumpkin-carving expert. Here are her tips for pumpkin carving, plus some links to Twilight Saga pumpkin patterns — and some examples of the Twilight Saga pumpkins she’s carved this year:

The first thing you need to do, if you want to create a fantastic-looking pumpkin, is print a pattern to follow. You can find some patterns in booklets at craft stores.

If you are artistically inclined, you can create your own patterns, but anything beyond a simple picture will require practice. There are also tutorials online for using photo editing software to manipulate images into patterns. One such tutorial is found at www.pumpkinwizard.com

But, the fastest and easiest way to get a pattern is to download it from the internet. There are many sites to choose from, and most them work the same way: certain patterns that are free to download and the rest you need to pay for by either purchasing them separately or purchasing a membership to the website.

Some of the most popular websites include:

The patterns for the Twilight pumpkins you see in this article came from the Stoneykins site.

twilight poster pumpkinThere are two types of patterns: cut-outs and shaded. In a cut-out pattern, all parts of the pattern are completely removed from the pumpkin. In general, cut-out patterns are easier than shaded patterns, but they do not have as much detail. In a shaded pattern, there are pieces that are completely removed from the pumpkin and also pieces that are just shaved. It will take more time and patience to do a shaded pattern, but your efforts will be rewarded. Shaded patterns look more dimensional and detailed in the finished product.

Now that you’ve got your pattern, you need the right tools. The tools you’ll need will depend on not only the type of pattern you’ve chosen but also the type of pumpkin you’re using. Did you know you can buy fake pumpkins at craft stores such as Joann’s, Michael’s, and A.C. Moore’s? There’s nothing quite like carving a real pumpkin, but there’s something to be said about not having to watch all your hard work shrivel up and get moldy in just a few days.pumpkin tools

There are pros and cons to both real and fake pumpkins, and which brand of fake pumpkin you use. A Google search will help you decide which is right for you. For the Twilight pumpkins you see in this article, I used the fake pumpkins from Michael’s.

For real pumpkins, you’ll want a good set of pumpkin saws like these (right) for cutting out pieces (available at craft stores).

For shaving on real pumpkins, you’ll want a set of wood carving tools or a Speedball. Both are available at craft stores:

pumpkin shaving tools

The tools for carving fake pumpkins have a bit higher of a startup price. If anyone in your family is handy and has tools, you may already have what you need.pumpkin hot carving tool

For simple cut-out patterns, you can use a hot knife (right) to carve fake pumpkins.

Alternatively, you can use a Dremel (below, left). There are a variety of models, from battery-powered to plug-in, ranging in price from $25 to over $100.

pumpkin carving dremelFor cutting, you’ll want a small drill bit, such as a 3/64 inch bit.

If your pattern has shading, your best tool for the job will be the Dremel and a variety bits:

  • #7134 5/64″ Diamond Wheel Point Bit
  • #106 and #107 Engraving Bit
  • Diamond Burr Bits in a variety of sizes
  • Stone Sanding Bits in a variety of sizes

Now that you’ve got your pattern, your pumpkin, and your tools, here’s some tips to help make your carving a success. For more detailed tutorials, just do a Google search. A search on YouTube will result in lots of video tutorials also. The websites listed above have tutorials as well.

General Carving Tipsnew moon edward pumpkin

  • Practice, practice, practice! If you’re able to, buy at least one extra pumpkin that you can practice with.
  • Make sure your pattern will fit on your pumpkin. You can re-print the pattern in the size you need, but remember that the smaller you make the pattern, the more difficult it will be to carve.
  • Glue the pattern onto the pumpkin with washable glue. When you’re done carving, soak the pumpkin in a vinegar-water mixture for a few minutes, and the pattern will peel right off.
  • Allow the glue to dry overnight.
  • Work your pattern from the middle out to the sides.
  • Try to leave the largest cut-outs for last. It will give your pumpkin more stability as you work.
  • Large pieces do not need to be cut out in one chunk. Break it up into small pieces to make it easier.
  • Don’t judge how your pumpkin will look until you’ve put a light inside and look at it in a dark room. You’ll be surprised!

When shaving, do a little bit at a time. You can always shave deep afterwards, but you can’t un-shave if you’ve gone too far! If the sections aren’t as bright as you’d like, shave a little deeper.new moon jacob bella pumpkin'

  • Whether you shave first or cut first is a personal preference. Try it both ways on your practice pumpkin and see what you like.
  • Print two copies of your pattern so you have one to refer to while you tear up the one on the pumpkin as you carve.

Carving with Real Pumpkins

  • When using the pumpkin saws, use and up-and-down sawing motion, not a slicing motion like a knife. Do not try to twist the saw in the pumpkin, or it will break. Remove the saw completely and re-insert it in the direction you want to go.
  • When cutting the lid, hold the saw at an angle towards the center of the pumpkin. This creates a “ledge” that prevents the lid from falling in.
  • Cut an outward notch in the lid on the back of the pumpkin. This will make it easier to put the lid back on the right way.
  • Remove all of the seeds and “guts” and then scrape down the sides of the pumpkin to about ½”-1” thick. You can use a spoon, clay ribbon tool, or the scooper that comes in some packs of pumpkin saws (see above photo)
  • When carving the pattern, keep the blade straight to avoid carving the pieces at an angle.
  • If you’ll be using a candle inside the pumpkin, cut a small hole in the lid to let smoke out.
  • Search the internet to learn how to make your pumpkins last longer, if you want to carve before Halloween.

Carving Fake Pumpkinsedward pumpkin

  • NEVER use a candle in a fake pumpkin. Only use a battery-powered or plug-in light.
  • If you’ll have several pumpkins to light, consider using a strand of C9 Christmas bulbs. Use 1-3 bulbs per pumpkin, depending on the look you want.
  • Carving fake pumpkins results in a LOT of dust. You’ll want to do this in a garage, basement, or outside, if possible. Or at the least, some room that is easy to clean.
  • Safety goggles and a dust mask wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I can tell you from experience that pumpkin dust in the eye is NOT pleasant.
  • A large apron – like you might find at a hairdresser’s – is another good idea. Or at least wear clothes that you won’t mind taking off and throwing in the wash afterwards.
  • A good face-and-hand-washing after you’re done would be a good idea, too. Did I mention there’s a lot of dust that goes EVERYWHERE?
  • Cut a 4” hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, instead of a lid in the top like a real pumpkin.edward bite me pumpkin
  • If you are using a shaded pattern, outline all of the shaded areas using bit #7134, just enough to remove the paper and the orange paint.
  • If you wish, you can remove the paper in the shaded areas now that you’ve outlined them. It makes the shaving process a little cleaner to not have little bits of paper flying around.
  • Shave the shaded areas using the engraving bits or the diamond burr bits. How deep you shave will depend on the pattern and the look you want. Go slowly and take your time.
  • Choose the best size bit for the shape you are working with.
  • Double-check your work by putting a light in the pumpkin and viewing it in a dark room.
  • Cut out pieces with a hot knife or a small drill bit. Again, go slowly and take your time.
  • When you are happy with the depth of your shading, smooth it out with the sanding stones on a low speed.
  • Don’t get discouraged! It takes practice but you’ll get the hang of it quickly. The difference between my first fake pumpkin and my third was astonishing!

I hope these tips are enough to get you started. Carving pumpkins is something I look forward to all year long. Now that I’ve started using fake pumpkins, it might just become a yearlong hobby instead of a seasonal one!

AND you can use your mad carving skills to win cool prizes, too! MTV is running a Rob Pattinson pumpkin contest, and the Lex is running a contest for any Stephenie Meyer-related pumpkins.

*         *          *

Additional Twilight Halloween Links:

NNT staff members Tiffany, Stephanie, Christie, Libby & Sara contributed to this guide.

What are your Twilight Saga Halloween tips? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. If you plan to decorate your Twilight party with a red and white ruffled tulip centerpiece, here’s a link to buy them: http://www.pyob.com/parrotulips-whitered-silk.htm

  2. Those pumpkins are wicked awesome!

    • Thanks!

      I will be having a baby in September, so I hope to have time to do at least some pumpkins this year. I don’t want to carve any fake ones while pregnant because of the dust, so that will cut down on the time I have.

      I still have one New Moon one I didn’t finish from last Halloween, and of course I will be doing one (or more) from Eclipse. I hope we get some better posters to work from!

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