NNT Review: The New Moon Soundtrack

For anyone who is a fan of any John Hughes movie (Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, or Sixteen Candles) listening to the New Moon Soundtrack is like meeting up with an old friend. While there were many songs I enjoyed on the Twilight soundtrack (most notably “Eyes on Fire” and “Full Moon” ), the New Moon  Soundtrack, much like the visual look of the New Moon movie, leaves the Twilight soundtrack looking like nothing more than some sleazy producer’s misconstrued idea of what a teenager, young adult, Twilight fan MIGHT like. Now, I can already tell you…many won’t like the “indie” tone of the New Moon Soundtrack, but the plethora of talent gathered on this soundtrack is astounding. The songs themselves tell a narrative of reckless abandonment, longing, and the heartbreak of losing your first love……and the soundtrack does so using some of the most innovative artists currently producing music. new-moon-soundtrack-cover

I have a group of friends who consider themselves too “high brow” to even watch or read the Twilight saga. I have always respected their viewpoint, and for the most part, they have respected mine. When the song-list for the New Moon Soundtrack was released, I showed my friends. They could not fathom how such “good” music could be in a “teeny bopper” film. I think the brilliance of the soundtrack signifies both Summit’s and Weitz’s understanding that the Twilight fandom is not just insipid, teeny bopper girls….we are a fandom with varying tastes, varying ages, and a fandom with both male and female fans…and this soundtrack has something for everyone.

Now, somehow….I got a copy of the soundtrack on Monday. Part of the reason I feel Summit is releasing the soundtrack early is because it was leaked on the internet over the weekend. No, I did not illegally download it. I was sent a copy from a “friend” asking me to review it. I will not tell you where to go to get it…except by saying it can be purchased this Friday in stores, or on Itunes (and with Itunes you get three unreleased songs….on the Twilight soundtrack it was Pattinson’s epic song). Below you will find my commentary on a few of my favorite songs from the soundtrack. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the songs this weekend!

Standout songs:

Anya Marina’s Satellite Heart : This song is beauty personified. Its subtle use of guitar and strings in conjunction with the singer’s throaty     lyrics seem perfect to reflect Bella’s longing and heartbreak.

Editors’ No Sound but the Wind: Oddly, my favorite song on the entire soundtrack. Why is this so odd? The lead singer’s voice is rather different….very 80’s. But the music and lyrics are so fitting to the film’s overall themes, I can’t help but like it. In fact, when I was first listening to the cd, it’s the first song I played again. There is something beautiful in its oddness.

Alexandre Desplat’s The Meadow: Now this is what Bella’s Lullaby SHOULD have sounded like. I challenge anyone to tell me differently.

The Killers’ A White Demon Love Song – My boyfriend is a huge Killers’ fan….and this does not sound like the Killers. I enjoy hearing something different from them and this really works.

Band of Skulls Friends- easily the most “pop”-y of the songs…..if this isn’t used in some scene with Jacob and the wolves, I will be shocked.

Check back on Friday when we will open a poll where you can vote for your favorite New Moon song


6 Responses

  1. You had me at “John Hughes movie” … I haven’t listened to any of the tracks now streaming on MySpace, but I was already excited about the contributing artists, some of which are among my favorites (Muse, DCFC, Killers, OK Go) and the DCFC single is pretty amazing. Not loving the video, but the song rocks. Now I am even more psyched after reading your review!

  2. i agree with what you said about having friends ‘too high brow’ for the Twilight saga.. this soundtrack totally gives New Moon cred!

    The songs are amazing! Great review

  3. [quote] Alexandre Desplat’s The Meadow: Now this is what Bella’s Lullaby SHOULD have sounded like. I challenge anyone to tell me differently. [unquote]

    I agree COMPLETELY with this.

    I got to hear the soundtrack last night thanks to a link sent by Atlantic Records, and I literally had goosebumps by the end of this track. It is so hauntingly beautiful, and the emotion of the whole piece is just fantastic.

    I have to say that, though I haven’t heard the soundtrack from beginning to end (it was more like a preview), I can already tell that I love it.

    Oh, and the remix of Muse’s “I Belong To You” is fabulous. 🙂

  4. I loved, loved, loved The Meadow. I totally agree with you on that.

    I would LOVE to see another scene of Edward playing the piano for Bella. I don’t recall him doing that in either New Moon or Eclipse, but that’s an added scene I would GLADLY watch.

  5. cant wait to listen to this while reading the liner notes!! WHOOHOO friday are you here yet?


  6. […] splashed all over the place- you can find the songs HERE and the rest of NNT’s review HERE. But I’m scared of change. I don’t want to learn new songs. That said, I can’t […]

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