“Twilight” vs. “Hannah Montana” and other Twi-News

news update new moon

* The Twilight Soundtrack has been nominated for an American Music Award for favorite soundtrack … it’s up against two different “Hannah Montana” albums.

* Speaking of soundtracks … yesterday, we got word that the New Moon Soundtrack would be released early. Now, you can listen to the soundtrack streaming on MySpace for free!

* Jessica Biel talks to MTV about the possiblity of reuniting with her Valentine’s Day co-star Taylor Lautner on a future Twilight Saga movie.

* In an MTV preview of her Allure Magazine article, Kristen Stewart talks about how playing Bella is “addictive”

* A very cool new convention is coming. NewCon was actually spear-headed by the guys of 100 Monkeys, Jackson Rathbone’s band … and it’s geared towards fans with a focus on the arts. TY to the Lex for the heads up.

* Taylor Lautner will be featured in the November issue of GQ magazine

* Moviefone has a new interview with Peter Facinelli, who talks about New Moon, among other things

Tell us your thoughts on all of today’s Twi-News in the comments!


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