Weekend Twi-News

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* Over at my Portland Books Examiner page, I’ve got a great new interview with Brian Leaf about Defining Twilight and Defining New Moon:

How did you come up with the concept for Defining Twilight and Defining New Moon?
I had just started reading Twilight, and was on page 5, when I realized how many great SAT-type words I had already seen in the book—in only the first 5 pages! So I took out a pencil and started circling them as them came up. By the end of the book I had hundreds of vocab words of all levels, from *detest* to *petulant*.

Read the rest HERE.

* MySpace is running a great contest for a red carpet correspondent for the New Moon movie premiere

* Several Twilight stars are featured in Empire Magazine’s list of 100 Sexy Stars of 2009 — including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz

* Reelz Channel’s Twilight Weekly Spotlight focused on the history of vampires & werewolves this week

* Fandango, which is now selling limited-edition New Moon giftcards, recently conducted a survey of Twilight fans:

In a recent online survey for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, Fandango asked more than 2,500 NEW MOON fans about their passion for the TWILIGHT franchise. Some of the findings are below:

* 96% read the book, NEW MOON, by Stephenie Meyer.

* 94% have read the entire TWILIGHT series.

* 68% of fans first became aware of the TWILIGHT saga while the first movie was in theaters; 32% were fans of the book series before the first movie was released.

* 95% have faith that Chris Weitz will do a good job in telling the story of NEW MOON.

* 93% have seen NEW MOON trailers online.

* 77% say the action scenes in NEW MOON are a main draw; while 98% say the action glimpsed in the NEW MOON trailers looks more exciting than the action in TWILIGHT.

* 53% plan on seeing NEW MOON at midnight; 26% plan to see it sometime on opening day; 21% plan to see it sometime during opening week or thereafter.

* 79% plan to see it with a group of three friends or more.

* 83% are on Team Edward; 17% are on Team Jacob.

* Reelz Channel has a great timeline of pre-Twilight vampire movies

* More New Moon goodies are now available in the Hot Topic New Moon shop … also lots of new stuff in the Torrid New Moon shop

* A new scene from New Moon will be featured Monday on Entertainment Tonight. See the preview:

Okay, tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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