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Didn’t end up playing guitar tonight. Fans dressed up in elaborate masquerade costumes, very festive. Had dinner…

60,000 fans..that’s to @lovegardenia and many others. Thanks for the support. You twitter fans are the best!

Having a great time in England. Fans are great. Came here from Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and…

Hey mates! English fans are fantastic! Great day yesterday, good Q&A. Interviews with BBC and others. Jamming with…

Are you my friend on Myspace? If not, send me a friend request.

Sing with me…Oh where or where did my little Verification badge go? lol Twitter? What up?

Great drawing sent to me by a fan named Evika. Thanks! I love it! ©2009 Gil Birmingham

Follow @TruthTweet on Twitter… Great at verifying real celebs!

Twitter Verified Finally got Twitter to add the “Verified” badge to my Twitter account. So now I’m really me, lol….

In London and Northampton. just a quick tweet..must run..will tweet later when I’m settled in. Did I say England is AMAZING!

Of course, you fans have known I’m the real deal for a long time :)!!!! Thanks for the all the fan support.

Special thanks to Scott at @TruthTweet who jumped in and helped me make this happen. You’re amazing dude…thanks for the help.

It’s official. Twitter finally got around to giving me a “Verified” badge after months of asking <grin>

Also posted fan pic to MySpace…

Couldn’t resist posting this fan art. Love this one, lol. – Couldn’t resist posting this…love this one, lol.


Comic Con New York has been awesome. Be there tomorrow. Pier 94.


Just came from my daughters soccer game.They won 2-1.She scored both goals.Woot woot! Takin the fam to the beach.Wearing 45SPF,don’t worry

About to jump on another plane. Just want to thank everyone for helping #beatcancer

RT For every tweet tagged with #BeatCancer, eBay & Miller/Coors will donate $.01 to cancer. #beatcancer

If u support Alexs lemonade Foundation and want to help find a cure for cancer… #beatcancer

Back in Vancouver. #Follow Friday. If you’ve ever been to NY, ever wanted to go to NY, ever heard of NY…Follow @I_LOVE_NY Give em sum luv

Getting cold in NY. Brrr.. Thankfully, I’m heading to Vancouver tonight for more Eclipse. Cold doesn’t affect vampires there.

Pic of Carlisle in the Volturi guard from New Moon… RT @axl_rojas


YAAY Muse – thanks to Dom for his nice words. – Wait. Things seem so clear to me now.


MySpace just launched their Red Carpet Correspondent Contest! Visit here for a chance to win! #nmpremiere

Amazon MP3 is running a crazy New Moon soundtrack promotion:

If you want to go to the premiere, Nordstrom is running a sweepstakes.

🙂 RT @crepusculo_es @lionandlamblove Here’s our tribute to Twilight

Gotta love everyone making a site! 🙂 RT @TwiExaminer here’s my tribute to Twilight

Mmmmm, cake. 🙂 @CakeHeroNYC My homage to Twilight and New Moon in cake form!

Ferocious! RT @dracotangolove Here’s my Vampire-ish look 🙂

You look awesome! Very perfect and vampiric @HeidiSierra My Twilight tribute is my album Twilight Obsession

lol @Rod_Rey – @Twilight My twilight tribute project!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack is in stores TODAY! Head out to any store, or get it on iTunes with bonus tracks!

Borders has their New Moon merchandise on sale today – what’s your favorite new thing?

Twilight Scene It? is in stores today! Are you going out to get it or are you putting it on your Christmas list?

What scene are you MOST anticipating?

People magazine has a collector’s edition New Moon issue out today!

RT @selfmagazine EXCLUSIVE! Extra photos from our Twilight photo shoot! Check them out!

RT @selfmagazine New Moon stars vamp for SELF!! Check out our exclusive video with the New Moon crew!

Borders is doing a New Moon fan site podcast Nov. 15th in Westwood, CA.

A quick clarification on the final runtime. 2:10 includes the credits, so the movie part of it runs just over 2 hours. About 2:01.

For all those that have asked, @Twilight is run by Summit Ent. Chris Weitz guest tweeted, and he appreciates all of your well wishes

Check out the new Volturi section of the New Moon site!

Visit the MySpace Twilight community to stream the entire soundtrack and pre-order your album before Friday! #nm

For those who have already purchased tickets – not to worry, you will be emailed your free iTunes code shortly

Check out the MySpace homepage to see a special ticketing announcement about an exclusive soundtrack song remix for New Moon #newmoon #nm


hahaha…no it was a fake perm erin….with a curling iron…how metro – im taller

heres 5

heres 4

heres 3

heres 2

heres 1

thank god for friends…my friend took some pictures at the festival…blast them EVERYWHERE… cant hold me down


So excited to be in the Nov issues of Self and Men’s Fitness! and


Leaked pic! me attackin bella


@Jamiebower ya i’ve been practicing the secret Volturi high five for the paps… roll on the carpet!! …or roll out. whatever.


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