Tuesday Morning Tweets

tweets from the twi-verse

And don’t forget to check out David Slade’s tweets that Sara posted in this morning’s news!


Walked passed an intersection w/ 2 Starbucks right across the street from each other.Sure does explain Y everyone in this city has such pep.

Yes. I guess I should include the aftermath interview to b complete. #beatcancer RT @AndyMerrenL http://bit.ly/SblDy Haha This is epic.

Cold and gloomy here in Vancouver. Maybe the bikini dance will cheer me up:) http://tinyurl.com/ndeojy

Back in Vancouver. Coming down the home stretch. 1 more week to go on Eclipse.


DAMN! I missed the ET clip tonight…but thanks to everyone who posted the link. http://bit.ly/Sp3ZT


A special video from @lovegardenia on Twitter who’s helping us reach 70,000 followers on Twitter. Thanks! … http://bit.ly/19uczL

Next convention is Miami in December. Will be in LA for the premiere, and then Australia for the premiere over there. @lionlambforever

Yes, my first time in England. Definitely coming back. Great country. Great people. @laurajane_p

Can’t make it to Ireland on this trip. Maybe next time 🙂 @Futurecullen_xx

Having a blast in England. Thanks to the fans who gave me gifts…I love you all. Will be hanging around in London for a few days.

One of the best Cons ever! Fans were amazing. Did Q&A with Chaske,Tyson, then another with all of us, Edi and… http://bit.ly/9ln38


here’s the link again- www.imdb.com/name/nm0121605/ – is number ONE possible? What’ll they do when Burke comes outa nowhere??

Yes, I realize this is completely self-indulgent but… whatev. Nobody’s gettin’ harmed. Just manipulating the system for fun cuz we can.

thank you all so much for indulging… that was fun. Anyone up for seeing how far we can take this thing??

Well, well. So it seems we’ve discovered that the numbers actually are (at least in part) based on something real. Nicely done, people…


#musicmonday The twilight soundtrack’s been nominated for an American Music Award! Vote here: http://tinyurl.com/ylhzamf

…you guys get the #Eclipse title treatment. 🙂

When @Twilight gets up to 200K followers…

So… We have a challenge for everyone that involves getting a pretty cool Twitter Exclusive. #Eclipse

Who does the best EC impressions? #NewMoon

Scream Awards air on Spike TV on Oct. 27th

[NOTE: The Twilight twitter account posted the results of the Scream Awards, but we will not share them here – just in case you want to be surprised!]

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  1. I love Billy Burke and his quest to mess with IMDB … I think it’s hilarious! And awesome.

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