ANOTHER new clip: The Volturi

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Access Hollywood will be revealing another new clip (not the slap) on Thursday. Meanwhile, they have a 10-second clip. It doesn’t seem to follow the book. What do you think? Does it make for a better movie or does it diverge too much from the book?

Edward fights to save Bella from the Volturi


2 Responses

  1. I reserve judgment until after seeing the whole movie – but I will say that despite this scene’s deviation from the book, I think this kind of action needs to be present.

    The Volturi are a ruthless, well-oiled force of absolute power, and it seems like this clip will help demonstrate that even though Alice and Edward are extremely strong and quick in their own right, the Volturi guard can one-up them in a fight.

    Plus, and this is just my opinion, the entire confrontation in Italy would be a bit drawn out if it were to be filmed exactly as it is in the novel. As it usually happens in a book-to-screen adaptation, there should be more action, drama, etc.

    I didn’t always feel this way, but since “Prisoner of Azkaban” was released (which is my favorite novel) and there were quite a few changes, I realized that it still *worked*, you know? The film version is not always going to be completely in sync with the book. It’s just not practical.

    I figure as long as the plot is not totally screwed with, the other details aren’t that important. And now I’ll stop ranting. 😉

    • I totally agree with you. And especially with the Twilight books, they desperately need more action. I think that’s really the biggest challenge facing a “Breaking Dawn” movie, not the whole pregnancy thing. It’s all that buildup to a fight that never happens … that’s going to be the challenge in the adaptation.

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