Jackson Rathbone on bigger role in Eclipse

news alert jasper

Jackson Rathbone recently spoke to MTV about his larger role in Eclipse, including flashbacks to Jasper’s transformation and actual dialogue with Bella (instead of just trying to kill her!)

“It’s actually the first time Bella and Jasper interact that’s longer than one sentence, or me attacking her,” Rathbone said, laughing. “Kristen and I kept saying it was really nice to get to work together because we had never had a chance to really, kind of, like, get into some dialogue.”

Read the rest of the interview.


One Response

  1. Yay Jackson! He’s a cool guy and I can’t wait to see him flesh out his character a little more. I was gripping my copy of Eclipse really hard when reading Jasper’s backstory… I’m sure I’ll be cutting off the circulation in my husband’s hand by squeezing it too tightly when watching the scene on film =).

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