30 Days of New Moon Thursday Goodies

30DoNM 01

Greetings, fellow Twilighters and Twi-hards! My name is Stephanie and I am one of the newest members on staff here at NNT.

We have reached Day Two of our “30 Days of New Moon” countdown, and I am pleased to bring you a delicious assortment of downloadable goodies to help ease the craving for the movie.

First off, some desktop wallpapers featuring the Cullen family and the haunting underwater scene from the trailer:
NewMoon_TheVote1680 NM_Bella&Edward_Pressure1680 NM_Bella&Edward_Pressure1024

Just click on the image, then right-click on the new window and save the wallpaper to your desktop. Mac users, open up the new window and then hit control-click to save the wallpaper. Widescreen resolution for the wallpapers is 1680×1050, and standard is 1024×768.

Next, for those of you with an iPod Touch, here are some start up screen wallpapers featuring images from the movie:

Edward MyReason TheEnd NewMoonposter NewMoonKiss

To use these files, save them to your computer like you would a desktop wallpaper, then upload them to your photo album for your iPod using the interface on iTunes.

Last but certainly not least, there is a collection of icons. I made these just this morning using screenshots from the new TV Spot. They were too fabulous to pass up!

NMtvspot_icon1 NMtvspot_icon2 NMtvspot_icon3 NMtvspot_icon4 NMtvspot_icon5 NMtvspot_icon6

Comments? Suggestions? If there is something in particular you would like (icons, wallpapers, signature banners, etc.), I would love to hear your ideas!

And in case you missed yesterday’s post, head over to the 30 Days of New Moon homepage to get caught up on all the latest news.


4 Responses

  1. Stephanie, these are amazing. LOVE the new icons, too!!

  2. Hi is there anyway to get a background for my aol desktop?I’ve searched online but I haven’t find anything.

  3. Great wallpapers Stephanie. I love how you included quotes from the book and movie!

    I’ve used many of Sara’s wallpapers in my Twilight scrapbook. I think these are going in too! 🙂

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