Thursday Twi-News

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* You can now watch the first New Moon TV spot in beautiful HD on Fandango (Jacob & Edward fight! OME!!)

* Also, don’t forget to watch Access Hollywood tonight for a new clip featuring Edward defending Bella against the Volturi

* Reelz Channel has a new interview with Michael Sheen in this week’s Twilight Spotlight (TY Kristin!)

* Have you checked out George Beahm’s Twilight Tours? Check out my review at

If you can’t afford the cost (or hassle) of traveling to Forks for real, you can experience a “virtual vacation” there with George Beahm’s Twilight Tours.

The book is a delightful and inventive way to immerse yourself in the world of Meyer’s books, without leaving home (or picking up that dog-eared copy of Twilight yet again). Beahm successfully weaves together luscious, descriptive prose with detailed facts about the region. The book is also filled with gorgeous, full-color photos of major landmarks and other breathtaking sights from the region. It’s easy to see from Beahm’s photography why people fall in love with the landscape of the Olympic Peninsula.

And tune in soon for some very cool goodies from Twilight Tours and Beahm’s next book! 🙂

* ALSO, a quick reminder — Brian Leaf’s Defining New Moon is now available. Check out an exclusive interview with Leaf HERE.

Okay NNTers … tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. OMG. Edward’s face in that clip. Wow.

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