Volturi Fight Scene!!!

news alert volturi

This is flipping amazing … I might have dropped a few curse words when I watched this the first time:

Your thoughts?? Tell us in the comments!


3 Responses

  1. HOLY –! Oh. My. EDWARD!!! O_O

    That is flippin’ OUT OF THIS WORLD. My heart is beating so fast…

    It is so awesome how Edward shouts “No!” and then flips Bella over his shoulder to shield her. I LOVE how all the vampires move now; it’s so quick and fluid, which is how they should be.

    I wonder if this is before or after Aro tries to read Bella’s thoughts. Perhaps after. I’m thinking that maybe Alice stops the fight by volunteering to have Aro hear her mind. That’s my guess, anyway.

    OME – I am totally recording “Access Hollywood” tonight so I can watch this on my 42″ HD television!

    • I am going to copy your plan for DVRing AH tonight(especially since I am asleep when that show airs).

      I’m still doing little internal somersaults …

  2. OMG! OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH!!! That’s…. ALMOST EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINED THE VOLTURI!!!! I am so… omg… I hope this doesn’t distract me from my film midterm in half an hour…

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